A Frayed Mind … And a Good Friend

I have – through my quirky anal retentive about only some things need for organization – compiled a four-page, three-column list of all of the raffle tickets my team is supposed to sell for our share of the rugby raffle.

As of last approximate count (envision me counting on my computer screen, losing count, sighing and then continuing), we are up 166 sold with several still unaccounted for and several of those promised as sold.

We had better make some money off of this. It hinges on our men’s team also selling a lot, so that all of the cash prizes are covered and then splitting the profit based on tickets sold. Our goal was to outsell the active men’s players (not the old boys, b/c those guys are loaded). I think we will accomplish this goal … but our numbers are still pretty ho-hum.

This raffle needs to be reworked a bit for next year too. Less expensive ticket prices to make selling easier, smaller grand prizes for more profit … I don’t know. I have sold a few more though, so I’m already beyond the $100 I needed to sell.

I am very much looking forward to Saturday for fun and rugby, but also because I won’t have to worry about planning for this tournament or this raffle anymore. *sigh*

I need to share the story of my friend Dan though. He and I worked together for the Badgers, slaving away long hours late into the night working on our media guides and guzzling Mountain Dew and candy like our lives depended on it. Well, our jobs probably depended on it. We would have whole huge mental breakdowns of complete loss of sanity trying to come up with captions for photos in our guides. Hilarity usually ensured. The hilarity that only comes from late-night, no-sleep stress. We are close buds.

Anyway, Dan’s mom died a few years ago. It was very sad. And it turned him from a guy who would always volunteer for stuff into a SUPER VOLUNTEER and he has made it a goal to save the world one charitable event and good deed at a time. So he is always running, walking, collecting for some charitable organization. He even jumps in freezing cold lakes in February in Wisconsin. And I donate some cash when I can because who can say no to a guy who will jump in a artic lake to help the Special Olympics. Not me.

So, Dan was one of the few people I used to work with that responded right away to my request for buying raffle tickets to help my team. He said he would like three and we agreed to meet yesterday night to swap tickets for cash and the catch up over some food.

Dan showed up and get this … he had collected additional money from his buddies, brother and dad on my behalf to help us out. So he was buying seven tickets instead of three. It floored me. Not only because it helps my team out, but because it was just sheer generousity and kindness at its core.

I just thought I would share that …


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2 responses to “A Frayed Mind … And a Good Friend

  1. firecracker

    that story deserves an awwwwwwwwe and is he cute and single with a puppy?

    By the way I hope the tournament is kickass and I am so glad you guys got womens team to play. That is awesome!

  2. nurugger8

    seriously… i’ll buy 3. Can I send a check?

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