Eagle Updates?

The Women’s World Cup is only a few weeks away … (can you feel the chills?)

If like me, and I would guess most of us, you are a women’s rugby player who is A. Not an Eagle, B. Not able to take off work/afford to travel to Canada and watch the games live, C. Wondering what television stations (if any) will be broadcasting these games and D. hoping some of our regular readers who are Eagles will be sending us regular updates to share with all of us.

So, I’m putting this out there right now. If you are an Eagle player (and we are very proud of you!), please do us all a favor and send updates to share. If you have your own blog or web site (like if WomenEagles does it), let us know. Or just visit this site and leave a comment or e-mail me. I can guarantee that you’ll have a large following and not just for games and recaps, but for what you all are doing off the field too. Help your fans be part of the action and let us know what’s going on.

I will post any and all updates I get related to this.

Additionally, on my team we have already discussed that if we can get live or tape-delayed broadcasts of any of the games, we’re going to be having big team socials to watch the games and celebrate the best women’s rugby in the world. I’m looking for broadcast info (and have already e-mailed my buddies at USA Rugby), but if you hear of anything, pass it on to all of us. Maybe if the US games don’t get broadcast (which would be appalling!), international broadcasters might show other countries playing us and that would be awesome too.




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2 responses to “Eagle Updates?

  1. Vincent

    In England we’re waiting to see what if any TV / webcast coverage there will be….. will keep you posted.

    Good luck with WomensEagles bloggers – you’re way ahead of us when it comes to such things!

  2. Jenna

    We in NY are taking a group of 30 people (including some peeps from Philly Women and the DC Furies) to watch over labor day weekend. We will be there for the England and the Ireland games and will be happy to send updates…I think we get free internet at our hotel. If it does make it on TV – look for the sea of red tshirts in the stands!

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