I like to think that I am a pretty good salesperson. I have had a lot of customer service positions in my varied career choices and I think those experiences have helped me in my current career. It’s always good to know how to work with clients in a positive and successful manner, no matter what job you’re in.

But I’m pretty lousy at asking people for money. Specifically in just one-on-one situations. Case in point: We have a big raffle for our rugby teams that has been going on for months and is culminating this weekend. And I have to sell tickets. But I wanted to wait until the drawing was almost here (so it’s more relevant) and I know I do better with deadlines anyway …

So, I’m hitting up all of my connections today for selling tickets. The tickets are kind of expensive ($10 each or 3 for $25) but the prize is big ($5,000 and other cash prizes) and the cause is good (youth and adult rugby). So, I’m selling a few.

I am sending an e-mail to all the people I work with tonight. I didn’t feel right about hitting them up in person and know our work e-mails aren’t supposed to be used in this manner. So I used my personal e-mail, blind-copied everyone that I have worked with in a regular capacity, told them I was sorry and ignore if they weren’t interested and then said Thank You a inordinate amount of times. I just feel kind of like I’m begging on the street … it’s different at work than it is at some bar or restaurant or even a less formal work environment. And I’m only sending one e-mail … I figure that should be okay. Oh well.

I also hit up all the people and coaches I used to work with at my previous job. Always stellar to say, hey I never see you anymore, but how about some money? But I would help them out, so I figure I should just suck up my pride and help. It’s not like I’m begging for money for booze because I plan on getting fantastically drunk this weekend or am a noted crackhead.

I hope I sell some tickets. And I hope everyone else is putting in a lot of effort too.

In other news, the women’s teams for our bracket are coming together, albeit at the last minute. I really enjoying being right on the brink of cardiac arrest and tension strokes, don’t you?


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  1. nurugger8

    I’ll buy some tix!

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