CanAm Tournament in Saranac Lake

The CanAm Tournament was this past weekend out in northern New York. My teammate Maggie always tells me that this is one of the biggest and best rugby tourney’s in the country … almost went last year with a traveling team called the Gypsies, but alas I stayed home.

But thanks to Katie from the Philly Women, we have some results and a photo from this past weekend.

I was just checking in with your blog to see how you’ve been doing since the last time I was at a computer with time to kill (about a month or so), and wanted to let you know that the Philadelphia Women just came back from a trip up to Lake Saranac for the CanAm Tournament.

It’s the first time in anyone’s memory on the team that we’ve entered as a group, and we come in second to Beantown in the competitive women’s division (we beat Boston first and then Ottawa). Had a wonderful time; the landscape and weather is gorgeous, the people friendly and the rugby competitive and fun. Even got a picture from our Ottawa game on the front page of the Press-Republican on Sunday.

Wish we could come to y’all’s tournament. I’ve never been to Wisconsin, but my father says it’s lovely. Maybe next year. Does your team ever come to PWRFC’ Pumpkinfest in the fall?

Congratulations on completing your move. Have fun settling in! I hope your cat becomes comfortable soon; when I moved to Philly, mine took about three weeks before he was completely happy in the new place.

Katie Hubicki

Here’s a photo of Carla Kingery about to run in one of the tries
against Ottawa –


Thanks for the update Katie. And Congrats on the CanAm wins as well.

Your father’s right … Wisconsin is the most lovely! And we have been out to Pumpkinfest but not this year because of our league schedule. Bummer I know. And yes, the cat is settling in nicely and has already started waking me up at 6 a.m. and knocking over my plants. Good stuff Mr. Cat you little furry bastard. 🙂



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