I’m all moved … except for my bike still sitting at my parents … and I just bit the bullet and signed up for this inexpensive wi-fi that our city has newly built to cover up the downtown. I got a discount for my job and a free month for signing up for three months at first. So we’ll see how it goes, but so far for the first 10 minutes, I am stoked to be sitting in my new apartment checking my e-mail and blogging.

Good stuff.

I’m not writing much today and I hope you all start coming regularly again after this interruption, but I’ll sit down and blog tomorrow and catch back up with everyone.

This afternoon, I’m going to unpack some more of my stuff from boxes and set up my living room into the semblance of a living room. Later, some of the girls and I are pre-gaming before an emergency fundraiser/social we’re hitting the town for. Our rugby coffers are low and we have bills coming in.

In other rugby news, our guys are down at a select-side scrimmage vs. CARFU today (Chicago) and Tim just called me and he has split his lip open, but is coming home to get it stitched up. That may change some plans for the evening if I have to make a trip to urgent care to get him.

Okay, it’s already getting late and I spent too much time walking around State St. shopping with my mom and sister at the Farmer’s Market and stores downtown this morning. It’s time to work before my pal’s arrive for pre-game.

Have a great Saturday night y’all.


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