Half Done with the Ultra Super Suckiness

Funny how on the two days that I need to move out of my old house and move in to my new apartment, our nation is experiencing the heatwave of the year.

This brief break this morning is thanks to being homeless for one night as I needed to be out of my house yesterday at noon and can’t get my key to my new place until noon today. Whoever thought up that little shenanigan deserves to be smacked silly.

Yesterday was hellishly hot too. 93 degrees here in the shade. And so humid that my thick curly hair was akin to something from a horror movie. It Came From the Planet of Fuzz!! The beast that is my blonde hair has been tied down for the past few days for a semblance of normal hair.

In all my years of playing rugby, I have never been that sweaty, dirty or tired and sore as I was yesterday when we finished though. Further, I was wearing just my sports bra and my white rugby shorts, so later I was pretty sure I was giving the garbage man, postman and anyone else who saw me hauling my stuff a peep show. I should have charged them … move a box and you can see the goods!

Today will be easier because it’s just moving in, I can unpack at my convenience, but today’s fun new twist is that my new apartment is on the third floor in a building without an elevator. My calves and quads are already screaming. And I’m hydrating like I plan to run a marathon.

So today’s mantra is something I’m borrowing from Dory in Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Talk later teammates …


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