So thankfully today is Friday. And after today ends, I’ll have four straight days of “time off” to throw away things I don’t need or use, pack up what I do need or use and move to my new place.

This week has just been overly busy. And I’m very tired. I had four 1/2 day computer classes (two full days), which has caused me to pack my already-busy work week into only three days. Plus we have three major presentations coming up, so my remaining work days have been taken over by three 2-hour long practice sessions for said presentations. Add two two-hour major meetings this week … and well, that really doesn’t leave me much time for work.

And I haven’t packed. I have thought about it a lot. I have picked up things only to set them back down again and play with my cat, Mr. Jib, or last night, for instance, watch the most recent show of Project Runway (I liked the dogs!). I’ve been going to bed at 10ish and setting my alarm for 5:45.

Added to this, we’re trying to organize our rugby team for August and the fall season, get teams signed up for our tournament on Aug. 12 (Please Come!!) and just make plans to round up all our team that has scattered to the winds this summer across Madison (and Milwaukee for Moni).

Pinkie stopped by my house last night to drop something off and the two of us sat there eating leftover pasta, watching Miami Ink, talking about tatoos (she has one, I don’t) and just in general, not doing much for almost two hours. We’re all just running ragged a bit, too busy.

I have all these things saved up that I wanted to post this week, but honestly, the idea of blogging right now (beyond this post just to clear my head and vent) seems equivalent to adding another weight to the large mass sitting precariously on my shoulders. I am not Atlas. But somehow this week, I feel like I am somehow holding up a few large continents …

Oh well …



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2 responses to “Whooooooossssshhhhhhhhh!

  1. nurugger8

    love Miami Ink. I plan on getting a Chris Garver tattoo; I have 3 of my own already. And Project Runway…. I so want to know who gets kicked off! Those are the 2 shows, plus Workout, that I must watch every week. Most of the time it’s the midnight or 1am repeat though… life is hectic.

  2. Emily

    I can totally sympathize with the moving. I spent a week talking about packing and picking up and setting stuff down. The I spent a week packing about a box a night. Then a took a day off work to pack and packed a box and then cried (pms mostly). The I packed from 3 pm to 2 am, except for dinner and a run, and 7 am to 9 am for my 10 am move. I am only slightly looking forward to unpacking next month because a) it means I won’t be sleeping on a twin bed at my mom’s living out of suitcase and b) it means I’ll be in Philly!

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