Rugby Bits & Bites … While Eating Rolos

Because Rolos are pretty tasty …

Update: I started this post early this morning and am just now finishing it late-afternoon. I stopped eating the rolos hours ago!

• Actor Russell Crowe is part-owner of a Rugby League team in Australia. His team hasn’t done very well this year – just one win in 18 games – so he gave them a pep talk and lead them on a bike ride and bowling session. There was no mention of throwing phones or wearing hunky gladiator outfits.

• Two stories on growing rugby teams in the US … a boys HS team – Kenmore West – that tells a nice typical intro job and a women’s team – Chesapeake Women – who’s story is nice, but gets bogged down in some overly injury-laden paragraphs and at times could be read that women’s ruggers have anger-management issues. Titled, aptly, “Tough Enough”. Yes, why would a woman want to play this sport if she doesn’t enjoy blood, broken bones and taking out her rage on others? But hey, good on the Chesapeake Women for gaining some coverage.

Seriously though, could someone somewhere please write me a women’s rugby article about women who enjoy being athletic and might have a particular fondness for striped jerseys? Perhaps one about women who dislike the forward pass? Or who think the dropkick is third only to ice cream and chocolate? (silence) Anyone? (crickets)

Okay … moving on …

• Nobody ever said boys in New Zealand were smart.

• USA Rugby Updates – Lots lately in my blogging slowdown. Check them all out here if you haven’t already. I may come back and revisit some of this, maybe not. Of particular interest to me though, the new hires, if only because I was THISCLOSE to applying for the Communications position but very not keen on moving to Colorado, despite lots of encouragement from Kimmie, KT and my old crew at the Badgers. It just didn’t feel quite right for me right now … and I was pretty sure I’d be so busy communicating rugby, I wouldn’t like it as much. Oh well.




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3 responses to “Rugby Bits & Bites … While Eating Rolos

  1. John Birch

    Wow – you have rolos???

    In the sea of foreign sounding confectionaries its always remarkable to see an old friend…

    All sorts of questions arrise like..

    Do they taste the same? My only experience of US chocolate was something from a company called Hershey and it tasted quite odd, in an undefinable sort of way. Not wierdly odd like European chocolate just… strange.

    Did they try to pull the same stunt over there, ie. shortly after Nestle took over Rowntree (shame!) they tried putting one less in the packet but keeping the price the same?

    [Rumour has it that you have Creme Eggs too…]

  2. Anonymous

    US chocolate has WAX in it. It is why it tastes so funny. It’s just a way of cutting costs and increasing profit margins…

  3. Blondie

    Okay, now you’re just being weird anonymous. Wax or not, different countries – even different areas of one country – have varying cultural taste preferences.

    Take Coke, it tastes notably different in the US versus other countries where it has more lemony flavors, more seltzier flavors, whatever.

    The same could be said for difference in preferences among the US States. Example – how many of you know what a deep friend cheese curd is? Probably not many unless you’ve been to Wisconsin. But they are fabulous.

    I happen to like Hershey’s chocolate. And John, yes, we have Cadbury Creme Eggs but only around easter. Cadbury is more of a holiday chocolate over here compared to British countries. I know I saw a lot of Cadbury when I lived in Australia.

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