Pigfest 10s Photos

I edited some photos that Tim and I took at Pigfest 10s last Saturday in Oshkosh, Wis.

We played two games against a Milwaukee Scylla/Green Bay Women combined side and won both games. Our men finished 2-1 overall and these are pictures from when they played a new team, the Sheboygan Sharcs, that my pal Malachi just helped start.

It was brutally hot and the field was like playing on an SOS pad laid over cement. You can click on any photo to see a larger version.

Backs Waiting

Five-on-Five Scrumdown

Pinkie Demonstrates her Bearhug Method of Defense … ROAR!

Blondie Demonstrates the Universal Visual Communication Symbol of Not Enjoying the Heat and Desperately Needing her Inhaler

The only decent play I had that half (sucking wind!) … a 10-meter run and a nice stiff-arm to Snappy.

Wisconsin Men kicking Off versus the Sharcs … Guido is the kicker.

WRC tackles the opposition. I am a big fan of No. 24.




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5 responses to “Pigfest 10s Photos

  1. P

    Wow. Nice pitch & beautiful country. Wisconsin is lovely. Any good use none verbal communication;)

  2. P

    Oops. I mean “And good use of non-verbal communication”. Funny.

  3. Blondie

    Oh P – it looks nice in the photos, but the field was just dry, hard and abrasive. All of our players have huge burns on their legs, elbows, etc.

    Hopefully, tomorrow’s field will be better.

  4. nurugger8

    is that the lovely kathy behind you?

  5. Blondie

    That is Kathy!!

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