Midsummer 7s

After last Saturday’s disappointing trip up to Oshkosh, Golden Pig Trophy aside, we’re running down the road to Milwaukee Saturday for the Marquette University Midsummer 7s.

We have a pretty strong, fast team and I’m not sure what the competition is like, but hopefully we’ll have some challenges. Don’t get me wrong, blowouts are kind of fun, but ultimately, you play the game to test yourself, work your butt off and see how far you can push the limits. Makes the wins much sweeter.

Plus, you also get free corn and beer at this one. Yum.

This is a tournament I used to play in college a lot, but one I have missed the past two years surprisingly. And I’m skipping my cousin’s bridal shower to play. But so is my sister to do her own thing … we’re leaving our mom to fend for herself. 😉

This tournament will also end a skills camp that Marquette hosts for U-19 players, so hopefully I’ll see quite a lot of the girls from coaching. Hope so. I want to organize some kind of fitness session to go down and teach them this summer, give them some stuff they can work in to their own conditioning, along with some rugby stuff they can work on as well. Hopefully in the beginning of August, but weekends are filling up, way too fast, aren’t they?




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2 responses to “Midsummer 7s

  1. Anonymous

    have you seen this blog? http://westrugby.blogspot.com

    I know the girl…she is working hard on it, help pass the word!

  2. Blondie

    Hey Friend of West Rugby –

    This link is already on our sidebar. We know Wendy is working hard on this … no need for further advertising, okay?

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