Bachelorette Pad and Breaking Barriers

Berta, the little accented woman at the apartment I looked at yesterday, called me this morning and would like me to sign a lease tomorrow night.

One less thing to worry about! And I’m looking forward to my five-minute bike rides to work.

Also, someone at work told me that the picture of me from the newspaper ran in the print edition too. So I went and bought the last copy near our building and it’s the cover story, under a big headline that reads “Breaking Down Barriers”. Pretty cool! A big close-up of a headshot of a woman football player is shown above the fold, but the sub-headline has rugby in it. And then their is one of our action shots below the fold as well.

But are we really breaking down barriers? Are full-contact sports the last athletic stronghold of men? Or do we even give the guys a choice? For my teammates and I, honestly, we just want to play. Like the men have a choice in the matter. And like we would give a flying f**k if they did. 😉

This reminds me of playing touch rugby in the summer. We usually have to re-teach some of the new guys that the women’s players are just as capable, if not more than, of keeping up with the guys. Usually it’s some hotshot college guys. It’s usually a two-week learning curve then when you school them sometime when they are being lazy or obnoxious, they realize they had better not take you for granted. It’s a rather empowering moment … so yeah, I guess sometimes barriers are broken. Barriers of intelligence, attitude … and bonds are forged too.



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2 responses to “Bachelorette Pad and Breaking Barriers

  1. Katy

    The “barriers” thing is such a bone of contention with me…which is why I’m writing my masters’ thesis about women ruggers. Period. Not “women ruggers are as tough as men” or comparing them to anything. I’m showing what our lives are like. Our passion, dedication, and general awesomeness. I love that you, too, point out irritation with this subheading and its subcontext.

  2. Blondie

    Katy –

    Not sure what methods you need to use for your thesis or interviews, but you should write me an e-mail with more in-depth information on your thesis and I will share it. Or if you ever want feedback from other ruggers, need interviews, surveys, whatever.

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