MTVs Made does Rugby at 4:30 today

Tune into MTV today at 4:30 p.m. (I’m assuming EST) to see “MADE: I want to be a Rugby Player”. Big thanks to Richard, a coach in Providence who also works at Rugby Imports, for sending me this to share.

If you haven’t seen MADE, it takes high school kids and they get coaches who help them achieve some dream goal. See a preview here of Lindsay getting MADE in to a rugby player.

I have seen past episodes where this clutzy, out of shape girl wanted to be an all-star cheerleader, some guys wanted to be a rock band, and this super-trendy girl wanted to be a skateboarder. All enjoyable, so great to see girls’ rugby get some extra attention.



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  1. Anonymous

    yeah, so that pretty much sucked. I happened across it and thought it would be cool. The guy from Cinci was way too nice to her. The one with the girl who wanted to be a boxer was WAY better.

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