Gentleness Schmentleness!

This is fabulously funny. Jenna from the New York Women sent me this picture of women playing rugby in 1925. Click on the photo for a larger version. The caption just kills me too …

“THE STRENUOUS LIFE – Paris girls play rugby so viciously that an agitation has started in the French capital against the danger of the sport to women. Some contend this form of sport takes from women the muchly admired sense of gentleness.”

Here’s Jenna’s e-mail about the photo …

I was coaching at a high school camp this past weekend in East Strousberg, PA and in one of the coach’s meeting Emil Signes pulled this up on his laptop. It’s a pic from a newspaper of women playing rugby in 1925…1925!!! – AMAZING!! … I’m going to see if I can get it printed and framed…for those who like history – this is pretty freakin’ cool!! They say what some people still think now – “women shouldn’t be playing rugby” – it made me chuckle!!


I think my “muchly admired sense of gentleness” was lost years ago …



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