Mulberry Trees 2, Blondie 0

Seriously … this is getting spooky.

Travel back in time with me to a few hours ago when I was attempting to wake up, splayed out across my bed, still half asleep and drooling …

My sister: “Hey, are you up yet?”

“Yeah … “

“Can you come down here and look at this tree branch?”


“There is a tree branch in front of the window. It’s like the tree moved closer to the house.”

I get up and walk downstairs. Sure enough, it seems that a tree – a Mulberry Tree! – has moved closer to our house and one of its branches is now covering the window of our sunroom. My sister and I walk outside and are standing in our driveway looking at the back of our house in our pyjamas.

The Mulberry Tree in our neighbor’s yard (aka Crazy Old Lady who’s recycling is full of booze bottles, always keeps every window blind shut and covers her backyard in so much birdseed, we have obese squirrels and chipmunks) is now fully leaning across the small wire fence separating our two yards, held up only by the electric wires running from a utility pole into our house and now hovering just slightly above our house. And by just slightly above, I mean maybe 12 inches.

Seriously … this is the second time in two weeks that a Mulberry Tree has attacked me in some way. What did I do to you guys?!

So, yeah, we called our landlord who lives up the street and he’s calling the Utility Company to come cut down the tree. My sister thinks it was all the rain we just had. I think it might be the obese rodents or some karmic reckoning against me for something I did to a Mulberry Tree in the past …


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