Playing Games Around Games that are Played

This week is at times slooooooowwwwww and other times busybusybusy.

A lot of rugby stuff.

We’re organizing a team for a 10s tournament called Pigfest on Saturday. It will be my first true playing since May. Which is hard to believe considering how I’ve still been busy and my legs are covered in scratches, bruises and greatly affecting my second-career of being a leg model, naturally. 😉

We also were featured in a local newspaper article on the growth of women’s contact sports. The photographer came to touch rugby last night. I’ll post it when it runs.

There was another event last night which was greatly frustrating to me too. It’s not very often I feel like I’m getting played by people. I think that I’m pretty good at reading people, sensing the bigger picture and hope that my actions toward others are returned in the same manner. I am a firm practitioner of good karma begets good karma.

So that moment when you realize that somebody is dicking you around, essentially giving you a brushoff, is a pretty bitter pill to swallow. Worse when you know that you have gone above and beyond to help those somebodies out before when you didn’t have to.

So, I could’ve just let it go. I could’ve just waited until a later date when it might be more timely to the related event. I could’ve had somebody else plead our case for us. But I was just so incredibly angry and I had a excellent wingwoman (thanks K!) who was also pissed. So, we called out the somebodies and it seems to be resolved. Albeit one of the somebodies, I could just see it so glaringly, was very grudgingly willing to work with us. Honestly though, I will think twice about the next time I think about helping these somebodies. I am still pissed. I know because as I’m typing this, I can feel my forehead all scrunched up and I am almost violently hitting the keys.

But what can you do, you know? You just have to trust that if you do the best that you can do, are honest and well-meaning, than it will all work out for the best. It helps though that my family didn’t raise a fool. Or a timid little mouse.


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