apartment = "apart" from your "ment"ality?

I have already blogged about this. I have to find an apartment by the end of the month.

My ideal conditions are that it’s a clean, one bedroom place in a safe/comfortable area of the city and I would have laundry in my apartment. So, yeah, those apartments are a bit out of my realistic price range, basically because having your own washer/dryer ups the rent $100-150. I could spend the loads of money, but I’m a little old to be eating ramen for every meal. Something I didn’t even do in college.

Additionally, Wisconsin is COLD. And your utility bills add way too much to a monthly budget when you are living on your own.

I am also a snot. I am a total snooty snob when it comes to where I would feel comfortably living. I am in a tricky age range where I don’t want to deal with college kids and don’t want to be surrounded by middle-aged or older people who still live in apartments. In our city, that’s not very typical and that probably means these people are weird. Or collectors of stuff like cats and ferrets.

So what does that leave me with? Yuppies. And yes, I realize that as a young, urban professional, I fall into that classification, but that’s not really me. My truck could never be confused with a BMW.

So, I found an okay place with fairly good rent (our city has outrageous pricing for real estate and rental compared to most comparable cities) that includes most utilities including heat. It has a lot of space, is clean, seems well taken care of and would be smart for me financially.

The downsides? It’s a just slightly less than ideal location, but it’s not at all bad. It’s kind of older and cheesy, but the inside is totally workable. And it’s coin-op laundry, which absolutely sucks. But if I’m saving money, I can deal.

And really, it’s only a year if I learn to not like it. And years seem to go pretty fast lately.

Seriously though, why don’t they ever talk about this kind of stuff when you are in HS trying to figure out your life? Or college? Why don’t they tell you that someday you may need to live in a cheesy apartment? I could’ve lived without some of my other knowledge … it’s cool though.


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One response to “apartment = "apart" from your "ment"ality?

  1. Emily

    There’s a lot of things I wish someone told my younger self, the fact that “young adults” often get stuck with semi-questionable housing among them!

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