Rugby Bits & Bites

• Goose, Scottie and the Midwest 7s women were down in Cape Fear this weekend. Turns out most of the territories were sending their 7s teams, so it’s quite the competition. Here’s a recap of Saturday from Scottie …

well day 1 of cape fear is over… we played five games… ughh… sooooo tired. Anyway, we beat the south, northeast, atlanis and So cal.. we had a bad game and lost to the west. we will play MARFU in the morning before they re-seed everyone for single elimination. fun fun.. time to go stuff my face with pasta now… Goose says hi. she played very well today, but dinged up her knee a little int he game against the west. anyway, tell you more tomorrow.

After Saturday, here were the standings …

MARFU 4-1-0
MW 4-1-0
West 3-0-2
NE 3-2-0
SoCal 1-3-1
South 1-4-0
Atlantis 0-5-1

Both of MARFU and the Midwest’s losses were to the West, but the West tied SoCal and Atlantis. However, the South would rally back to win it all on Sunday. Here were the final standings of the round-robin and the single-elimination play (from Goff, subscription required):

Standings After Round Robin:
West 4-0-2
MARFU 5-1-0
Midwest 4-2-0
Northeast 3-3-0
South 2-4
SoCal 1-4-1
Atlantis 0-5-1

West bye
Midwest over Atlantis (OT)
South over Northeast
MARFU over SoCal

Midwest over MARFU
South over West

South 12 Midwest 7

And Women’s National 7s Coach Julie McCoy was there scouting …

“The tournament did really well to make the women’s event seem important,” said McCoy. “And the play got better as time went on. We saw players try to implement what they had learned in the footwork camps, and as a result we started to see players use space better, and make better passes as well.”

That’s a lot of games in hot, humid weather.

• The Eagle men destroyed Barbados, 91-0, to win their World Cup Qualifier. That is the largest scoring margin in US history.

• England and Scotland have now named their Women’s World Cup rosters. And the World Cup site finally updated for the first time in months.

Rugby Magazine updated its stories online for June. Three stories of interest: Referee Profile on Leila True, Women’s Player Profile on Stanford flanker Victoria Folayan and Buzz McClain column interview with IRB Strategic Development Manager Steve Griffiths, the USA Rugby interim CEO.

Related to this, my subscription to Rugby Magazine expired last month and I didn’t renew it for a few reasons. 1. To save myself 30-some dollars a year. 2. Most of the news is outdated because I already read it on the web (or blogged it). 3. I have stopped bothering to really read anything that isn’t bloggable … so print stories I would need to retype just aren’t worth my time anymore.

We’ll see if it really bothers me or not.

• A story about a woman surgeon in Ohio and how she carves wood for her hobby. She also just tried rugby for the first time at the age of 41.




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4 responses to “Rugby Bits & Bites

  1. P

    I went down to Stanford to watch the USA vs Barbados game. Suprising the USA won by 91 points but did NOT look good. They rarely took advantage of overloads and the score seemed to reflect raw athleticism more than good rugby. Barbados looked like a US D2 team at best but held the USA at several points. I’d say the USA men should not rest on their laurels.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree that much info in Rugby Mag is outdated, but for me it is still worth it.

    Still, i have to disagree with you on the value of it … the articles by Don Morrison alone make it worthwhile; i learn something about the game, not just reffing, from everyone. You cant get those from the website either.

  3. Blondie

    Ultimately, I think Rugby Magazine would be better served to follow its larger print cousins in the magazine world and start adapting to the present technology. All of it should be online and if they want to still charge a subscription, so be it.

    I can and have found a great wealth of technical rugby information on the web – the vast majority of it for free too.

    So … yeah, I can’t agree with you Anonymous. Rugby Magazine needs to step up and adapt to the needs and wants of its readership … which like most Americans turns to the web as a primary resource now.

    And I must admit, something about the nutrition lady bugged me. And that the profiles don’t really seem like the editorial staff is avidly searching out rugby players from across the USA, so much as just certain pockets.

  4. Anonymous

    I was at the Cape Fear Tournament this weekend. And got to watch some great rugby. Plus meet alot of great players. The midwest team always gets my vote of the champions of the social on Sunday night. They also played great all weekend. Had bad luck with injuries.

    Love your site,

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