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So thankfully today is Friday. And after today ends, I’ll have four straight days of “time off” to throw away things I don’t need or use, pack up what I do need or use and move to my new place.

This week has just been overly busy. And I’m very tired. I had four 1/2 day computer classes (two full days), which has caused me to pack my already-busy work week into only three days. Plus we have three major presentations coming up, so my remaining work days have been taken over by three 2-hour long practice sessions for said presentations. Add two two-hour major meetings this week … and well, that really doesn’t leave me much time for work.

And I haven’t packed. I have thought about it a lot. I have picked up things only to set them back down again and play with my cat, Mr. Jib, or last night, for instance, watch the most recent show of Project Runway (I liked the dogs!). I’ve been going to bed at 10ish and setting my alarm for 5:45.

Added to this, we’re trying to organize our rugby team for August and the fall season, get teams signed up for our tournament on Aug. 12 (Please Come!!) and just make plans to round up all our team that has scattered to the winds this summer across Madison (and Milwaukee for Moni).

Pinkie stopped by my house last night to drop something off and the two of us sat there eating leftover pasta, watching Miami Ink, talking about tatoos (she has one, I don’t) and just in general, not doing much for almost two hours. We’re all just running ragged a bit, too busy.

I have all these things saved up that I wanted to post this week, but honestly, the idea of blogging right now (beyond this post just to clear my head and vent) seems equivalent to adding another weight to the large mass sitting precariously on my shoulders. I am not Atlas. But somehow this week, I feel like I am somehow holding up a few large continents …

Oh well …



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Rugby Bits & Bites … While Eating Rolos

Because Rolos are pretty tasty …

Update: I started this post early this morning and am just now finishing it late-afternoon. I stopped eating the rolos hours ago!

• Actor Russell Crowe is part-owner of a Rugby League team in Australia. His team hasn’t done very well this year – just one win in 18 games – so he gave them a pep talk and lead them on a bike ride and bowling session. There was no mention of throwing phones or wearing hunky gladiator outfits.

• Two stories on growing rugby teams in the US … a boys HS team – Kenmore West – that tells a nice typical intro job and a women’s team – Chesapeake Women – who’s story is nice, but gets bogged down in some overly injury-laden paragraphs and at times could be read that women’s ruggers have anger-management issues. Titled, aptly, “Tough Enough”. Yes, why would a woman want to play this sport if she doesn’t enjoy blood, broken bones and taking out her rage on others? But hey, good on the Chesapeake Women for gaining some coverage.

Seriously though, could someone somewhere please write me a women’s rugby article about women who enjoy being athletic and might have a particular fondness for striped jerseys? Perhaps one about women who dislike the forward pass? Or who think the dropkick is third only to ice cream and chocolate? (silence) Anyone? (crickets)

Okay … moving on …

• Nobody ever said boys in New Zealand were smart.

• USA Rugby Updates – Lots lately in my blogging slowdown. Check them all out here if you haven’t already. I may come back and revisit some of this, maybe not. Of particular interest to me though, the new hires, if only because I was THISCLOSE to applying for the Communications position but very not keen on moving to Colorado, despite lots of encouragement from Kimmie, KT and my old crew at the Badgers. It just didn’t feel quite right for me right now … and I was pretty sure I’d be so busy communicating rugby, I wouldn’t like it as much. Oh well.



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Memorial 10s – Aug. 12 – Madison, Wis.

Sorry all of my rugby friends, I’ve been swamped the past few days and will continue to be this week. Between general life, rugby, moving this weekend and work … well, it’s a lot to balance.

That said … please do me a favor and spread the word about the rugby tournament that my team – the Wisconsin Women – are helping host on Saturday, Aug. 12. Again, the offer still stands that if your team enters a team b/c you heard about it on this blog, I’m buying you a drink – actually a couple of super jello shots – as my thanks.

Women’s Rugby Players and Coaches –

Spots are still open for the women’s division of the Stuart Daily Memorial 10s Tournament on Saturday, Aug. 12 in Madison, Wis.

The Wisconsin Women’s RFC, in partnership with our brother team the Wisconsin Rugby Club, is hosting the tournament at the Crossroads Rugby Field on Madison’s far east side, just one mile off of interstate I-90/94.

Women’s summer rugby in Wisconsin, and across the Midwest, has been dying a slow death lately with less tournaments and less teams playing. Help us host a great women’s tournament and have a great time playing rugby and socializing in Madison … considered one of the Midwest’s best party towns!

Additionally, August is now Select-Sides free and our Fall league seasons are just around the corner. A 10s tournament is a great way to warm up for 15s!

Here’s the info:
– Open Division for Women
– One main field shared with the men’s open division – You’ll see some Great Rugby!
– 10-a-side teams, 10-minute halves, 12 players per roster
– Guaranteed 3 games
– Free cases of water for attending teams
– Free Pig Roast and Social after the championships for teams
– Food, juice, beer, jello shots will be available throughout the day
– An easy drive into downtown Madison for socializing post-tournament on State St.

And the best part? It’s Cheap! Only $175 per women’s team until Aug. 1! $200 after. If you let us know you are definitely sending a team now, we can guarantee you the lower price and save you money! But we need confirmations and your money mailed in to hold your spot.

If you’re interested, but not sure if you can pull together a full team, please let us know. We can help organize mixed-teams as well.

Any questions? E-mail

Team checks can be mailed to:
Jon Moyer
312 Lakewood Blvd.
Madison, WI

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!!

– Jessica, Kelly, Nicole, Tonya and all of the Wisconsin Women’s RFC

Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Football Club
Established in 1975 – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
WWRFC E-mail:
WWRFC Web Site:

Thanks all! I’ve got some stuff to share and hope to find time soon.


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Pigfest 10s Photos

I edited some photos that Tim and I took at Pigfest 10s last Saturday in Oshkosh, Wis.

We played two games against a Milwaukee Scylla/Green Bay Women combined side and won both games. Our men finished 2-1 overall and these are pictures from when they played a new team, the Sheboygan Sharcs, that my pal Malachi just helped start.

It was brutally hot and the field was like playing on an SOS pad laid over cement. You can click on any photo to see a larger version.

Backs Waiting

Five-on-Five Scrumdown

Pinkie Demonstrates her Bearhug Method of Defense … ROAR!

Blondie Demonstrates the Universal Visual Communication Symbol of Not Enjoying the Heat and Desperately Needing her Inhaler

The only decent play I had that half (sucking wind!) … a 10-meter run and a nice stiff-arm to Snappy.

Wisconsin Men kicking Off versus the Sharcs … Guido is the kicker.

WRC tackles the opposition. I am a big fan of No. 24.



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Midsummer 7s

After last Saturday’s disappointing trip up to Oshkosh, Golden Pig Trophy aside, we’re running down the road to Milwaukee Saturday for the Marquette University Midsummer 7s.

We have a pretty strong, fast team and I’m not sure what the competition is like, but hopefully we’ll have some challenges. Don’t get me wrong, blowouts are kind of fun, but ultimately, you play the game to test yourself, work your butt off and see how far you can push the limits. Makes the wins much sweeter.

Plus, you also get free corn and beer at this one. Yum.

This is a tournament I used to play in college a lot, but one I have missed the past two years surprisingly. And I’m skipping my cousin’s bridal shower to play. But so is my sister to do her own thing … we’re leaving our mom to fend for herself. 😉

This tournament will also end a skills camp that Marquette hosts for U-19 players, so hopefully I’ll see quite a lot of the girls from coaching. Hope so. I want to organize some kind of fitness session to go down and teach them this summer, give them some stuff they can work in to their own conditioning, along with some rugby stuff they can work on as well. Hopefully in the beginning of August, but weekends are filling up, way too fast, aren’t they?



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Bachelorette Pad and Breaking Barriers

Berta, the little accented woman at the apartment I looked at yesterday, called me this morning and would like me to sign a lease tomorrow night.

One less thing to worry about! And I’m looking forward to my five-minute bike rides to work.

Also, someone at work told me that the picture of me from the newspaper ran in the print edition too. So I went and bought the last copy near our building and it’s the cover story, under a big headline that reads “Breaking Down Barriers”. Pretty cool! A big close-up of a headshot of a woman football player is shown above the fold, but the sub-headline has rugby in it. And then their is one of our action shots below the fold as well.

But are we really breaking down barriers? Are full-contact sports the last athletic stronghold of men? Or do we even give the guys a choice? For my teammates and I, honestly, we just want to play. Like the men have a choice in the matter. And like we would give a flying f**k if they did. 😉

This reminds me of playing touch rugby in the summer. We usually have to re-teach some of the new guys that the women’s players are just as capable, if not more than, of keeping up with the guys. Usually it’s some hotshot college guys. It’s usually a two-week learning curve then when you school them sometime when they are being lazy or obnoxious, they realize they had better not take you for granted. It’s a rather empowering moment … so yeah, I guess sometimes barriers are broken. Barriers of intelligence, attitude … and bonds are forged too.


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Way to go Wisconsin!

We’re No. 1!!

In Bull Semen Production for Insemination of Cows.

Yeah, take that, all you supposedly happy cows out in California! Not too happy without our stuff, are you?

And did you know that to collect the semen from the bulls, a “teaser animal” is used to “charm” them? And guess what? It’s usually a steer. A male castrated cow!

Image: Cows

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