U-19 Update from the West Coast

I posted a bit about last week’s Girls’ U-19 territorial select-sides tournament out in California here. I then got a nice e-mail from Jel out in the Pacific Northwest with some of the results …

Hey Blondie,

My name’s Jel, and I played for the PNW Loggers Select-Side team this year. Don’t know if you’ve heard the scoop on the Territorial All-Star Championships down in LA yet, but this is what I’ve got . . .

I don’t recall any of the scores except our own, but I believe we beat SoCal 15-0, NorCal 26-0, and tied with ERRFU 5-5 the first day of the tournament. On Sunday, ERRFU took 1st in a heartbreaker match against us. Towards the end of the game, Lisa Hennemen (who played outside centre for the USA U-19 team this year) intercepted a pass beautifully and scored a try, and following a conversion by Nikki Buoy, the score was 12-10 in our favor. Soon enough, time ran out and the ref was prepared to halt the game at the next stoppage.

Unfortunately, we committed two or three penalties IN A ROW, allowing ERRFU the opportunity to kick for a penalty goal–which they did. I believe it was Megan Knight who successfully completed the kick, putting the final numbers at 12 Loggers — 13 ERRFU.

Following the championship game, the SoCal/NorCal team beat the Loggers/ERRFU; I don’t recall the score, but from my standpoint (icing on the sideline, oh yes), the Cali compilation team was pretty dominant.

Then again, they were a lot fresher than we were, having played in marginally cooler weather that morning and been allowed a few hours of rest.

So yeah, sorry I can’t remember more about scores and all that! I’m sure the rest of the info will filter to you at some point. =)


Thanks Jel for the update. I couldn’t find any more results, other than a Goff update (subscription required) where he said the same you did, but with less detail (although, with a quote from you Jel!).

“We had an awesome time,” added PNW center Angelica Santos. “It was hard saying goodbye to the girls. It was a tough loss but really an enjoyable experience.”

If any other U-19s have an update, please feel free to give me a shout.

Added: A little more info. Here’s the website, www.youthrugby.us. According to a SoCal e-mail list update, “This is the very first time that a girls territorial tournament is being held in Southern California, and teams from Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Eastern Rockies, and Southern California will be competing for the US Rugby Foundation Cup.”



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  1. Vic

    where would we be without “Jel” Santos

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