Have you seen this?

The International Rugby Board has a technical bulletin everyone should take a look at. Some really great information and stories.

Here is the most current edition (in English) and then an archive for the bulletins with various language options. I’ll add this last link to the sidebar as well.

Even better, international friend of Saturday’s A Rugby Day, John Birch, wrote up a nice article on his team titled “Women’s Rugby: The Accidental Rugby Club” on page 11. John write about how he helped found the Letchworth Garden City Girls rugby team and how the team keeps growing successfully.

For any regular readers, you’ll remember that John is a regular commenter here and also built his team a blog, Letchworth Girls.

John dropped an e-mail to me and Paula at Tackle Girls:

What began as an article for Tackle Girls has now gained a far wider audience in the IRB’s latest “Total Rugby” magazine.

Seems as if your readership involves some quite senior people in the rugby world, and one asked me to rewrite one of my pieces for them. So see page 11 of the latest issue (dated as March 11th for some reason)!

Blondie – suggest that you might want to mention Total Rugby anyway. IRB calls it a “Technical Bulletin” and hide it away a bit, but its really very good and of interersted to anyone who plays, coach, or just watches. The previous issue has some excellent stuff on scrummaging, for example.

They also PAY for submissions that get printed! Okay, not enough to retire on, but it’ll get a few drinks in. Aside from Page 11 of the latest issue there’s not much on the women’s game – maybe you might like to drop the editor a line? Given your writing abilities I’m sure he’d bite. Just something on concept of blogging would probably and its value would be a start.

(Oh – and though its a way off yet (and very early days) Pacific North West looks favourite over Wisconsin/Illinois for 2008 at the minute. Lots of enthusiasm on Friday for the idea, but then there was also lots of drink!)

So, congrats on the international promotion John! The Letchworth Girls are famous the world over!

And check out their really cool promotional poster. What a cool design.

And just an FYI for everyone, John is hoping to bring his Letchworth Girls here to the States for a tour. I suggested that he contact Alex Goff on the West Coast and some of our U-19s coaches here in the Midwest. But if any of you are interested in hosting a U-19 girls touring side from the UK, e-mail me and I’ll pass it along to John.

Also, an update on Tackle Girls. I was sad to see that Paula is hoping to sell Tackle Girls. In a recent messageboard update, she writes:

I don’t have the time I used to be able to dedicate to the site, and I’m not going to have internet access at home for a while. If you’re interested in buying the website, send me a letter at tacklegirls AT hotmail dot com.

I’d hate to let the site die, and I know there are people out there who could do a great job with it.

Let’s hope someone steps in and helps keep Tackle Girls alive and kicking.



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One response to “Have you seen this?

  1. John Birch

    Hey – thanks for the mention.

    Note that we are intending to bring the East Region side over – not just Letchworth. You see, I wear several hats.

    Letchworth are a fairly average club side – win a few, lose a few, most girls there for the craic (’cause they can’t be there for the beer for another couple of years), East Region are something else.

    East are in effect two steps above Letchworth (the Hertfordshire county team being in between) – and one below England. There would be some Letchworth girls in the squad (two or three), but also girls selected from about a dozen or more other clubs from the five counties that make up East Anglia.

    I might also throw in the fact that (uniquely) no East Region team – at either the U14 or U17 age group – has ever finished outside the top four in the national championships. So they are quite good…

    Also – due to rule changes – by 2008 they will be an U18 team. We are also wondering about bringing the U15s as well.

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