html – Updated

i’m taking a computer class this morning and tomorrow. blog later hotties.

Update: Thursday morning. Day 2 of my class. We’re working on our own and I finished before everyone else. This class is about creating web sites by hand just using html coding. Kind of cool. Also helps the blog.

Sorry about yesterday for everyone who was bored at work. Just not a bloggable day. I have some good e-mails to share and a few updates, so more this afternoon. No worries.

And good luck to Goose and Scottie, who are heading down to the Cape Fear 7s this weekend with the Midwest Thunderbirds 7s team. Pinkie and I skipping Lake Front 7s in nearby Milwaukee to make some money and do some recruiting for our team at our city’s fireworks festival. Pinkie and Sta-Nay-Nay will also be joining in our coach’s backyard olympics competition. I have yet to decide if I will compete. Heard there are a lot of throwing sports in the Olympics. We’ll see.

Update 2: We’re on break. And the vending machine has my cupcakes! Also, my class is in our university’s Animal Sciences building. There are plaques and pictures on the wall for the “Saddles and Sirloins” club. This amuses me to no end. I wonder if they have special hats or jackets. Perhaps with a big piece of meat on it.



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3 responses to “html – Updated

  1. Amy

    I was in Block and Bridle at Oklahoma State. It’s kind of like livestock 4-H, but for college students, which means a lot more beer.

  2. nurugger8

    we have to find each other at lakefront! also, if you need a whore for a game here or there, I’m in!

  3. Blondie

    Liz – Sorry, but I won’t be at Lakefront! Pinkie and I are skipping it to make some money for our team and recruit in Madison.


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