A State of Quietness and Bruisedness

I’m blogging late today … for no particular reason. And many small reasons. It’s just a quiet day.

I had a good weekend. I hope all of you did too. Our team grillout on Friday was small, but lively. Pinkie and my team for our kickball game lost due to some challenges of catching pop-flies by The Guy On The Hill, Me getting beaned in the head by Joe while racing for home and probably (okay, most likely) the beverages we were drinking. We did really well to start, lost steam and then just lost interest. “Okay, that was fun. Let’s do something else now.” Later we had a gymnastics and cheerleader jump off. Sta-Nay-Nay was showing off her Herkies.

Saturday, my sister and I took our dad to the Farmer’s Market. Amusing as always. We ate sticky buns, sampled cheese curds, bought some tasty snacks like Sugarsnap Peas and pretty flowers and had a water fight. I also told my dad a story that made him laugh so hard he was crying. I don’t think I have ever seen that happen in all of my 28 years of our father-daughter relationship.

Later, he and I weeded and planted in my mom’s garden. It looks phenomenally better. And there is something immensely satisfying about that kind of work. Just sitting down and working with your hands. Helping something beautiful grow.

Sunday, I spent most of the day biking and enjoying the weather with the Pepper Farmer. Everywhere we went, we biked. Home to my house, out to a small breakfast and even across the city to look at a new car for him. Other than my less-than-graceful wipeout on my bike right before we got to the car dealership, it was a good ride. I have some nice bruises forming and I’m more sore than I ever am after a rugby match, but alive. This is probably why we don’t play rugby on concrete. The human body falling full force into a solid stone substance is quite painful. And it doesn’t help that I’ve got some long, bony limbs and joints.

For the record, he once wiped out on rollerblades in front of me, so now my embarassment at taking a major dig on my bike evens us out. All even. Well, at least until I clutz out again sometime. 🙂

We stopped for food as the rainstorms finally kicked in, then left the restaurant during a lull in precipitation, only to be caught full-force in the showers half-way home again. We were soaked. But days like that are memorable and kind of fun. Later on, I was exhausted and passed out for a three-hour nap. The overabundance of sleep has me still kind of sleepy today.

Somehow now, it’s already very late in the day and I just made it through a meeting with some super-techy coworkers and a current project. Lots of lingo. I’m looking forward to heading home soon for a nap and early dinner.


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