Student of the Game …

Just some educational bits for all of us …

First, over on Petrie’s blog, she’s comparing rugby and football (american-style) and provides with some insightful cud to chew on for a while. Except, I had to offer a few corrections in the comments (sorry P!).

Anyway, via my fact checking (I have a journalism background after all), I found some good resources for doing your homework on rugby.

Wikipedia: Football (all forms of foot ball!)
Wikipedia: Rugby Football
Dummies: Understanding Rugby’s Scoring System (from Rugby for Dummies)

Then while cleaning out my e-mail alerts earlier, I found this good article discussing the rugby laws concerning knock-ons. It also provided some good examples of knock-on rulings in recent international games.

Just wanted to share some more resources. I’ll probably add some of these to the sidebar when I have a chance …

ps … Wikipedia offers up lots of options for “Blondie” but alas, not me. 😉


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