World Cup Updates and How Rugby Can Improve Your "Game"

• I know it’s World Cup Soccer, but I just liked this photo of a fan from South Korea via Yahoo. His face is all squishy. 🙂

• USA Rugby has updated info on the upcoming Women’s World Cup, the second half of the North American 4 (NA4) men’s games and the Men’s World Cup Qualifier match against Barbados.

• Related, and in case you didn’t see it, here’s a solid recap of the Eagle men’s match vs. Canada from Sunday. The Eagles coach says our guys just aren’t as fit as they need to be.

• News from the Welsh Women’s team and they are celebrating their “most successful season to date”

• Since we’re talking World Cups, the bidding war is on for the location of the next World Cup 7s and 8 countries want it, including the Arabian Gulf. Remember there will be 24 men’s teams and for the first time ever, 16 women’s teams.

• And finally, studies show that exercising regularly – like playing rugby – helps you sleep better, quit smoking and improves your sex life. All of us should be using this as a recruiting tool … Playing Rugby Improves Your Sex Life!



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