Rugby Bits & Bites

Cleaning out my e-mail alerts again …

• Soccer’s World Cup is happening in Germany right now (in case you only have tunnel vision for rugby). A few interesting articles.

— In Argentina, rugby is considered to be too “posh” and most people prefer the poor-man’s game of soccer. But there is a large settlement of Welsh immigrants in Argentina too and they love their rugby. Didn’t know that.

— In Australia, the recent success of the Socceroos is building popularity for soccer in a country that loves rugby, aussie rules football and cricket. I wish that was a problem here in the US … that too many people loved rugby.

• An article on a play in the UK that centers around the 2003 World Cup final game between England and Australia. I really just like the included photo of Jonny Wilkinson walking and looking at the scoreboard, but the play also sounds humorous.

• A few stories of rugby players and fans behaving badly and being punished for it …
— Five U-17 australians shoplifted as a prank at the airport during a team trip. Now there off the team. Why are young boys so dumb?

— A bunch of older players in New Zealand got pissed and beat up a ref, urinated on cars after their social game was cancelled for foul play. Why are old boys so dumb?

— And in no way to blame just one sex for stupidity … well, she might not be all that stupid … a female rugby fan in New Zealand ran onto the field mid-game in just her swimsuit and then got a ticket for $200. Now, she’s auctioning off the skimpy suit and raised $4,000 to help pay off the ticket. Why are some chicks so dumb … yet still smarter than most guys? 😉

• Thanks to John in the UK for this link about a judge who’s throwing out an assualt case between two rugby players. One had a bruise …

She said: “If one were to look at it in strict law, every week, week in, week out, in clubs up and down the country, offences of assault are committed by rugby players.

“That bruise was the sort that happens within the rough and tumble of a rugby match and is neither here nor there. I am flabbergasted that the Crown Prosecution Service wished to continue with this.”

Seriously, I think that would be good time to invoke the Psycho Quota on the idiot who brought charges against another player for something small like that.



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  1. mutantin

    football everywhere, i’m so glad the tour is starting soon an i can watch that instead of lousy football matches 😉

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