Hot Pepper Cupcake Thoughts on a Tuesday

• I think a potentially mentally unstable individual may be trying to join my team. Rugby does take all types … but there should be a limit on how many mentally unstable individuals each team should have. And if you have several individuals with just little bits of craziness, you should be able to add those up to reach this quota. In this manner, I could say, sorry crazy person, our team is full. Please find a different team to inflict your craziness upon. Additionally, if this crazy person is working towards a law degree and seems very litigious, it makes me wonder how lax the law school acceptance standards are becoming … I’m thinking, seriously flippin’ lax.

• The corporate pepper farmer has found my blog. He was curious why I didn’t tell him or anyone else. Because I don’t have to, silly. He also threatened to put one of his hot peppers in a cupcake for me. I just hope there is pink frosting. No sprinkles. He’s now visited twice … go back to work. 🙂

• I saw a bumper sticker this morning that read “Make Poland the 51st State”. I enjoyed this, if for no other reason than my family is partly Polish and my father jokingly calls me the Polish Princess. We’re weird. But hey, I could be princess of the 51st state.

• I’m going to be helping a reporter today with a story on testing pillowcases for fungus and bacteria. Reporter guy – old news. I saw this on the Today Show two months ago. But seriously, it is absolutely disgusting to know what stuff is growing on your pillowcases and inside your pillows. After that Today Show story, I went out and bought all new pillows and special pillow protectors. Which reminds me that I need to wash all of my blankets and sheets again. Ewww. Germs.



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5 responses to “Hot Pepper Cupcake Thoughts on a Tuesday

  1. Jessa

    Instead of a salary cap, it could be a psycho cap. Brilliant!!

  2. Blondie

    Seriously … why hasn’t someone brought this up to the national union yet?


  3. Amy

    It’s good for your immune system to be challenged. Makes it stronger.

    Ruggers already aren’t quite right, we don’t need any help by filling the ranks with the clinically unstable. A psycho cap is exactly what we need. 😉

  4. firecracker

    Maybe the crazy is bringing back balance to the team….technically a lot of crazy left when (and not naming any names…)

    A) bi-polar loves to run around naked because it brings her closer to nature girl – can I give a a massage that creeps you out- girl left

    B) my friends are telling me to stop drinking so I am going to pick up a homeless man in detroit to make out with him…

    See a lot of crazy left…maybe this is some of the crazy trying to get back in.

  5. Blondie

    Good point KK. And don’t forget, we also lost you and all of your craziness. 😉

    But this one might be the end all, be all. I’ll e-mail you off the blog … (sorry everyone else).

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