Mmmm … Ice Cream (aka NASC Finals Recap)

Writing about ice cream is bad because then you really want to eat ice cream. Like Butter Pecan ice cream. Or Elephant Tracks. Or even Rainbow Sherbert.

Thankfully, I live in the real “Dairy State” despite the supposedly happy cows in California (also home of fellow blogger and ice cream gambler Petrie, her All-Blues and the Pacific Grizzlies). And there is lots of ice cream here in Wisconsin and the Midwest. YUM!

So, here’s the USA Rugby recap of the final day of the National All-Star Championships:

6-11-2006 – West, Midwest Women Claim All-Star Crowns
BOULDER, Colo. – The West All-Star team ended a Midwest run of U-23 titles edging the defending champion 13-10 for the USA Rugby Women’s U-23 All-Star Championship title at the Pleasant View Soccer Complex here Sunday while the senior all-star 15s team from the Midwest downed Pacific, 25-10, for that region’s first title since back-to-back wins in 2002 and ’03.

In the same A brackets, defending champion Northeast held off the West, 29-6, in the senior all-star consolation game and Mid-Atlantic blanked Pacific (47-0) in the U-23 consolation.

In B bracket play, Mid-Atlantic defeated the Canadian U-23 squad, 24-17 in the championship game of the All-Star 15s and SoCal defeated the South, 23-18 in the consolation. It was a SoCal sweep as they edged the USA Rugby Women’s U-19 National Team 18-17 in the U-23 B bracket title game while the Northeast defeated the South, 29-0 in the consolation.

With the championships concluded, attention turns to national teams play and international fixtures. The USA Rugby Women’s National Team will look to make it a June sweep of their Rugby Canada counterparts on Tuesday at noon (the U.S. beat Canada 25-10 on Saturday), followed by the U-19 women’s teams of both nations at 2:30 p.m. The U-19s will play a second match, Thursday, June 15 at noon.

All national team matches will continue to be played at Pleasant View.

USA RUGBY All-Star Championships
Pleasant View Soccer Complex (Boulder, Colo.)
Sunday, June 11
Women’s U-23 All-Star Championships: Northeast def. South, 29-0 (Pool B Consol)
Women’s All-Star 15s Championships: So Cal def. South, 23-18 (Pool B Consol)
Women’s U-19 National Team vs. Colorado Development Side (Score N/A)
Women’s U-23 All-Star Championships: Mid-Atlantic def. Pacific, 47-0 (Pool A Consol)
Women’s All-Star 15s Championships: Northeast def. West, 29-6 (Pool A Consol)
Women’s U-23 All-Star Championships: So Cal def. USA Rugby U-19s, 18-17 (Pool B Champ)
Women’s All-Star 15s Championships: Mid-Atlantic def. Rugby Canada U-23 National Team, 24-17 (Pool B Champ)
Women’s U-23 All-Star Championships: West def. Midwest, 13-10 (Pool A Championship)
Women’s All-Star 15s Championships: Midwest def. Pacific, 25-10 (Pool A Champ)

Tuesday, June 13
12 p.m.- USA Rugby Women’s National Team vs. Rugby Canada
2:30 p.m.- USA Rugby Women’s U-19 National Team vs. Rugby Canada

Thursday, June 15
12 p.m.- USA Rugby Women’s U-19 National Team vs. Rugby Canada

And big congratulations to all of my Midwest Thunderbird friends, especially my Wisconsin Women’s RFC teammates Kelly Clerkin and Nicole Helmer, and my former teammates Sue Hanson and Kate Turpin. Nice job ladies.

Also, big congrats to Kelly – aka Pinkie – for also earning the Most Valuable Player honors of the NASC Tournament. She was fighting a bad cold out there too. All of us here in Madtown are very proud of you, Goose and Scottie. Especially myself and my co-super super sub T-bird, Tonya (but we’re still working on our t-shirts!).

Big shoutouts to Kim and KT on the West Women’s team, Maggie P. on the Midwest U-23s and Halie and the other Wisconsin ladies on the U-19 Eagle Girls’ team.




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