What Happened to Vernon?

I’m still getting comments at this post in defense of the Vernon high school girls’ team and not traveling to NITs last weekend. Here’s also my follow-up/related post.

The most recent …

Classless is not only a tad harsh, it is extremley rude. Especially for not knowing the whole story behind it. Please, get the real details first rather than bashing on an extremley talented highschool team. You do not even know the committment these girls have made to the team in the last 4 years that they’ve/we’ve been a club. These girls give their heart to this sport. How dare anyone call them classless. Classless is coming to a false conclusion and ranting about it online before knowing the true details. If anything, anyone and everyone who is bashing on these girls, owes them a sincere apology.

– Anonymous

Again, I would REALLY like to know, even anonymously, why Vernon didn’t travel to NITs. Leaving vague and defensive comments in response to other people talking trash is just further confusing me and other interested readers and rugby supporters of High School girls rugby in our country. Please share the “real details”!



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