Remember …

Dear Readers …

Just a note to remind all of us that Saturday is a rugby day. It’s also a Get Away From Our Workweek Day. A Feel The Sun On Our Face Day. And a Spend Time With Family and Friends Day.

So, like I hope many of you do, once I leave my computer on Friday nights, there’s a good chance I’m not going to touch a computer again throughout the weekend. I think of it, but then because I know I’m on a computer at least 40 hours each week, I like to ensure that I disconnect. These machines really can short-circuit your brains sometimes.

On weekends like these, with lots going on, I’ll try to stop in and update, but I’m not always going to. Just know I’m just like all of you and would rather be outside enjoying my weekend, hopefully doing something fun like rugby, rather than on the computer and blogging. But I got so many calls, text messages and questions last night and today, here I am blogging at 9:30 on a Saturday night. I guess I just have to remember it’s because I’ve built a good blog with good info. So updates forthcoming!

Thanks for visiting. I really appreciate it.


– B


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