New links and D-III Teams

I just got a nice e-mail from Elizabeth in Massachusetts who plays for the North Shore Women. Thanks Elizabeth!

Not to be confused with the Chicago North Shore Women, FYI.

As it turns out, North Shore (Massuchusetts) is a Division III women’s team in the New England RFU. Elizabeth explained:

Women’s rugby is definitely changing in New England. D III was JUST created last fall. Over the past two years, there has been a proliferation of teams in the New England area, and, frankly, most of us will never be able to compete with the Boston Women’s and the Beantown’s of the world–and we don’t want to. Some of us played in college and weren’t ready to commit to a D I program. Most of our club, however, is brand new to the sport and wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to learn and love rugby.

The past few years have been a struggle, but I’m so proud of our club (and every other women’s club, for that matter!) for holding true to the club’s original goals. It’s exciting!

So, I’m going to change my second list of Senior Women’s Club links to a D-II and D-III list and add North Shore.

And if you know of a team website link that I’m missing – at any level of girl’s and women’s rugby – send it to me. If they are a viable team, but for some reason don’t have a website yet, let me know and I’ll list them anyway linkless.

For the U-19s/High Schools, I’ve got a few more to add that I’ve been compiling. No worries.

And sorry, I was trying to post this Thursday, but Blogger was on crack again. So it goes up today now that I’m back from my morning meeting. And yes, I’m already getting calls from Boulder wondering why I haven’t blogged NASCs yet. Damn Midwest girls had some down time in the hotel this morning! 🙂

Update: I added North Shore to the senior list and then Budd Bay, DSHA, Kent and Wayzata to the U-19s/High School girls list. Now that I’m a U-19 coach, I have to help the young women represent.

Further Update: I have added the University of Idaho Women link thanks to an e-mail from Wes. Although I’m not sure “Mate and Kill” is the most PR-friendly phrasing to promote your team. Funny, but still …

Also, I was missing the Boulder Babes! A D-I team hosting the NASCs this weekend. Sheesh!



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