NASC Players and Some Thoughts on the Games

I’ve posted a lot of these already … but here’s an unofficial list of all of the teams and players in this weekend’s Women’s All-Star Championships, along with some notes …

First of all, remember the Eagles have named the World Cup Squad and have pulled all of the travel roster players out of the NASCs, except for the alternates. Naturally, this gives all the territories a chance to bring some new faces on the pitch and some lesser-known players will shine.

Abaray, Linda
Adam, Stacey
Aerts, Kirsten
Antar, Annie
Bonanno, Amanda
Barnes, Leah
Belkin, Nicole
Black, Erica
Delcontivo, Katie
Campbell, Nancy
Dun Moodie, Melanie
Fletcher, Tonya
Fordyce, Beth
Hagerman, Lindsay
Harrington, Carly
Jackson, Dana
Kuchta, Dana
Perez, Virginia
Snodgrass, Liz
Underhill-Carter, Allison
Zumwalt, Ann

The South will play MARFU first in Tier B. Missing Neder and Jervey from the backline, but still fast with Antar and friends. A solid pack with Aerts, Black to name a few.

Basinger, Brooke
Beebe, Michelle
Buan, Jenna
Corpus, Leanna
Dunn, Andrea
Engstrom, Nicole
Hampton, Jamie
Haney, Heather
Hulsey, Sarah
Littlejohn, Heather
McLaughlin, Kim
Merrit, Sara
Morris, Kate
Nichol, Kate
O’Donnell, Meghan
Orendorff, Karie
Richer, Kasey
Saunders, Kanisha
Tucker, Amber
Villalpando, Anna
Wang, Ann-Yu
White, Kelly
Wilson, Mandy
Wilson, Terri

Southern California will play the talented Canadian U-23s (that swept our own Under-23 Eagles last year) in Tier B’s other match. SoCal has had a few camps this spring and should play well together.

Canada U23s
Bailey, Erin
Blackwood, LaToya
Boiteau, Tamara
Boiteau, Tanya
Cation, Jayne
Corrigan, Lee-Ann
Donaldson, Kim
Dovanne, Jess
Foreman, Laura
Gebert, Tammy
Howat, Meagan
Hrabi, Sarah
Joslin, Michelle
Kryszak , Kendra
Lewis, Mandy
MacDonald, Ashley
Matity, Leysa
Miller, Stephanie
Mutri, Meaghan
Papineau, Eli
Russell, Kelly
Sample, Kristen
Schnoor, Stevi
Waters, Brittany

Seven players return for Canada from last year’s squad that beat our own young Eagles. According to Goff, MacDonald and Kryszak are leaders up front.

Pacific Coast
Lucy, Almers
Bruce, Stephanie
Butts, Lisa
Concepcion, Angela
Gardner, Elaine
Hamilton, Candace
Hemstreet, Allyson
Jennings, Heather
Kmiecek, Ashley
Marchino, Nathalie
Oldham, Stephanie
Rifkin, Lori
Rogers, Tamara
Royce, Rebecca
Ruffolo, Chris
Sharp, Margaret
Shipley, Jess
Terry, Liz
Trethewey, Tessa
Triantafyllou, Mary
Verdeyen, Meagan
Warner, Courtney
Whitmore, Rose
Will, Toni

Pacific Coast plays West in Tier A. Young Pac Coast is missing a lot of Eagles (Think All-Blues) and West might have a shot at normally power-house team. Still lots of big names with talent – Bruce, Butts, Oldham, Warner, Whitmore.

Audage, Catherine (Kate)
Bonomo, Kristen
Brafman, Rebecca
Brethel, Katherine
Bussman, Jenna
Collier, Annie
Daniels, Amy
Denham, Melanie
Flateman, Jenna
Graf, Yancy
Henry, Tyshawn
Hobson, Christina
Houser, Jessica
Johnson, Meagan
Lake, Lisa
MacCallum, Katie
Magrini, Kim
O’Hare, Robin
Rodriquez, Ines
Rubenstein, Heidi
Seary, Kelly
Shay, Laura
Vivolo, Lara
Wacht, Sharyn
Wagner, Kittery
Weikman, Maura

Northeast is always a heavy favorite and they’ll play my girls on the Midwest (actually playing right now!). Captains Kit Wagner and Annie Collier are leading the “Nessies” with some new jerseys on. Lots of Eagles gone, but still lots of international and national experience. I wish I was there to watch this game!

Brown, Anna
Clerkin, Kelly
Corcoran, Sara
Douglas, Farrah
Evanovich, Kelly
Hanson, Sue
Helmer, Nicole
Hertel, Katy
Johnson, Kristen
Limberg, Jackie
Markovich, Dez
Menke, Jenny
Murphy, Laura
O’Brien, Kim
Petroff, Nicole
Popelka, Robin
Radtke, Rebecca
Ringgenberg, Christy
Sinkler, Jen
Stolba, Hannah
Towne, Garnet
Turpin, Kate
Turpin, Sara
Wulff, Tonnie
Zummak, Blaire

All I have to say is … GO MIDWEST! They battled back into Tier A in December and they’ll play the Northeast first today. Lots of experience, talent and speed on the Thunderbirds. Midwest rugby is fun to watch.

Mid Atlantic
Aliberto, Kristin
Bader, Joanna
Bennett, Stacy
Billingsley, Megan
Black, Beth
Creager, Dana
Dilley, Elizabeth
Ferrell, Heather
Gaff, Holly
Hammond, Jessica
Heath, Jennifer
Hegg, Meredith
Jones, Jamie
Kanuk, Melissa
Khoury, Andrea
King, Elizabeth
Marfisi, Angie
Meyer, Elise
Oxman, Joan
Posner, Saburah
Sandler, Naomi
Williamson, Sheara

Mid-Atlantic battles South in Tier B. They’ll need to shut down South’s backline, but have a shot at the Tier B final probably against Canada’s U-23s.

Abel-Ruch, Kjrsten
Barth, Suzanna
Deickman, Lisa
Eckles, Jennifer
Estes, Mollie
Griffeth, Valerie
Hernandez, Joy
Hoops, Heather
Hurt, Angela
Kiourtzidis, Christina
Klahn, Kimberly
Kugler, Lynelle
Lake, Janay
Lange, Jaime
Lehman, Julie
Lucero, Sonrisa
McKibben, Melissa
McNeil, Cassandra
Monroe, Cody
Poe, Angela
Root, Amy
Schoch, Paula
Thoreson, Katie
Wurst, Katherine
Young, Wendy

My other favorite team out in Boulder b/c of some former teammates – Kim Klahn and KT Wurst. A strong, experienced pack with some national/international experience like Suzanna Barth. But remember, the roster is missing Austin Valkyries due to scheduling. Not sure about the backline prowess either. They gave a good battle to the Eagles A squad last month, losing just 3-0 though. The West Women are playing Pac Coast in the other Tier A match.



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