I want a Chickie too!

Via KARE 11 in the Twin Cities …

Rugby playing Alpaca
Rory Matthews loves to play soccer and rugby, but the Australian boy lives on a farm outside of Melbourne and doesn’t have any kids close by he can practice with.

So, Rory got creative and enlisted his dog as a soccer partner, he loves to chase and run. One day when the two of them were playing, Rory’s alpaca Chickie joined in the fun.

But Chickie’s forte is bumping, which is perfectly acceptable in Australian rugby. In fact, bumping others is an important skill to master when trying to get the ball, so Chickie’s skills have been helpful as Rory learns the finer points of the game.

Playing and learning with Chickie inspired Rory to join a local rugby team which trains twice a week, but the little Alpaca can only watch from the car, animals are not allowed on the sidelines.

And there is video! Chickie just basically chases and rams into Rory. Seriously, everyone needs a Chickie …




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4 responses to “I want a Chickie too!

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry to be a downer, but Rory is not playing rugby. He is playing Aussie Rules.

  2. mutantin

    german telly told the audience it was american football, hahah!
    go rory!

  3. Blondie

    I did see Rory hit it from underneath like in Footy, but then in his team stuff, not sure.

    Maybe Rory and Chickie have invented their own hybrid game …

    Oh well, still a good story.

  4. Anonymous

    It is Aussie Rules. Rory plays for the Westbourne Warriors, oldwestbourneafc.com.au

    He should be in the under-10 side this year.


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