It’s only Tuesday?!

Blogger seemed to be giving a few people problems. Thanks to John in the UK for letting me know some posts weren’t showing up on the blog site, but were feeding into the RSS.

Which reminds me I still need to figure out that whole RSS thing and post that address on the sidebar (adding to the to-do list).

Everything seems to be back to normal now though. Knock on Wood!

I spent half the morning on the road today for my second interview for my current project. I met a young couple with an eight-month-old baby with a metabolic disorder which doesn’t allow him to digest proteins, so he’s on very strict dietary controls and special formulas. Thankfully, he’s just fine and his parents (younger than me!) seem very responsible and loving. Always nice to see.

Now that summer is here, touch rugby starts up tonight here in Madison. We play co-ed, all-ages, touch pick-up games twice a week all summer long. It’s my favorite time of the year, just because it’s so casual and fun. But I’m still a tad burnt out from the spring and other life details, so I’m making this a rugby-free week. No touch for me.

Well, at least rugby-free until Saturday when I’ll get to help coach our state’s U-19 all-stars for the first time. I’m a tad nervous, but looking forward to meeting all the players and seeing what they can do, how they play. The total dork in me hopes I’m a somewhat good coach. When I was younger, I never really had coaches that I would consider to be good, much less excellent. Such a disappointment looking back.

It wasn’t until maybe the past three years, now firmly entrenched in adulthood, that I work with and play for people who I truly consider to be worthy of the title of coach. So, I guess that’s what I’m hoping for. To do a good job, help the players and hope they think I’m worthy of the title of coach. And next weekend, hopefully we put together a great team down in Indiana. Back to Elkhart, aka Funkytown. I’m planning to bring along the laptop for the long car ride and downtime in the hotels. And my digital camera too.

What else? I bought myself a grill today. On the way home from my interview, I stopped at Target and bought myself a little Smokey Joe, some charcoal and some lighter fluid. I’m hoping to put it together tonight and grill something up … possibly our weiner dog Lulu (My cat would like this), but probably something less furry and more meaty. 🙂

My guy might come over and help me. He’s skipping rugby too. He picked up my cold from last week somehow. Funny how that happens.


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