Did you watch the spelling bee? An all girl final! Girls kick ass! Or should I say gluteus?

And in other Girls Kick Ass news, it seems we’re also gaining on men in getting degrees in advanced fields of study. Nice!

However, we still only earn 76 cents on the dollar in comparison. Not Nice!



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2 responses to “Ursprache

  1. Amy

    Don’t even get me started on the boys club that is Research Science. I can think of eight female professors (only five of them as good role models) out of more than eighty profs who are affiliated with my program.

    And I don’t know if you read any lawyer blogs, but the women their have even more interesting things to say. Check out opinionistas.com sometime if you’re interested.

  2. Blondie

    I check out Opinionistas and liked it. I’ll have to keep checking back in.

    The only law-related blogs I read are by two law professors here in Madison, Althouse and The Other Side of the Ocean. Only Althouse discusses some law though.

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