Girls High School NIT Starts Today

The 2006 Girls High School National Invitational Tournament is being held this weekend in Maine. Hosted by the Portland, Maine Super Sows RFC. See more info here. And Super Sows, the lobster bake dinner sounds fabulous!

In the championship bracket, the teams are Divine Savior Holy Angels, Kent Crusaders, Fort Collins, State College, Budd Bay, Lakewood, Portland, and Karns. In the Plate Bracket, it’s Vernon, West Carroll, Kansas City, and City Honors/Genesee. The Plate competition will be conducted in a round-robin format, with first and second place determined by record and then by point’s for/against.

Each team will play three games: two on Saturday and one on Sunday.
The first game on Saturday will have 20-minute halves.
The second game on Saturday will have 25-minute halves.
The game on Sunday will have 30-minute halves.

Word on the rugby street is that there are less teams taking part this year, possibly due to location, compared to last year’s NIT in Milwaukee. But I was excited to see that the Midwest has three invited teams, including two from Wisconsin (DHSA and Vernon).

However, one of our readers, Sally, e-mailed me about a team dropping out …

Black Eye on the sport #2
I’ve just been informed that on the Thursday before the Girls National Invitational Tournament was to begin, a Wisconsin team pulled out. NOw, i dont know the full story about it, but I am embarassed for our state and all the good rugby programs we’ve developed that a team would committ to the event and cancel in such a classless move. How is rugby to grow and how do we expect to get girls rugby sanctioned if teams put others in such a position? Think of the other teams that travel to Portland, expecting a match against one of the best? Now, they’ll travel all this way to play less matches. I’d be extremely upset if i was at nationals right now. Classless.

Like Sally said though, we don’t know the full story. I would find it hard to believe that a team would pull out of a notable tournament without good reason, such as financial problems, injuries, or a mix of issues. And in fairness, my own team of career women with good jobs would have a hard time funding our whole team to travel to Maine. I can’t imagine the logistics behind funding and transporting a HS team.

So, yes, the late timing of the pull out could’ve been avoided earlier and in time to invite a substitute team. I’ll agree with Sally there. But I think classless is a tad harsh.

If anyone has any more news to share on the NIT this weekend, or recaps/scores, etc. Let me know. And good luck to all of the HS teams traveling and playing this weekend.




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2 responses to “Girls High School NIT Starts Today

  1. rugbysupermom

    You’re right, classless is extreme. And no you don’t know the whole story… the team didnot withdraw and the national committee is who you need to speak with regarding the details.
    So to say this team placed a “black eye on the sport” is speaking without knowledge.
    The team, coaches and parents are very disappointed at not competing- but this goes back to the NIT committee.

  2. Anonymous

    Classless is not only a tad harsh, it is extremley rude. Especially for not knowing the whole story behind it. Please, get the real details first rather than bashing on an extremley talented highschool team. You do not even know the committment these girls have made to the team in the last 4 years that they’ve/we’ve been a club. These girls give their heart to this sport. How dare anyone call them classless. Classless is coming to a false conclusion and ranting about it online before knowing the true details. If anything, anyone and everyone who is bashing on these girls, owes them a sincere apology.

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