Slow rugby news day …

Not much happenin’ out there …

• There was speculation of Eagle mens’ players striking, but nope. Oeler’s blogging about it here.

• And Rachel in NYC changed her blog name to Brooklyn Bubble. Update your links!

• Interesting update on the West Women’s All-Star team. Turns out (and sorry I didn’t notice …) that the Austin Valkyries are lacking any representation. An anonymous commenter wanted to pass this on …

The Austin Valkyries just wanted to give you the skinny on why none of us are on the West squad…

Basically, we had a pre-arranged a match against New York and Boston in NYC, the same weekend as the West Select vs. Eagles match in Minnesota. So we didn’t all want to change our tickets and were then deemed ineligible for any West events for this entire year.

We had a great time in New York, but we would also have loved the opportunity to play for the West.

Yes, that’s too bad how it turned out.

• This weekend are the men’s club championships, FYI. And next weekend, NASCs and the Eagles vs. Canada matches out in Boulder.

• And finally, in a quasi-trip down Blondie’s memory lane, the national spelling bee finals will be aired on ABC. I love these kids! Sometimes they are just crazy. 🙂 And it takes me back to when a little Blondie won the 8th grade Knights of Columbus spelling bee. Yup! That’s right. I qualified up to the regional spelling bee. For the record, 8th grade was also the year I won the dance contest and won a box of Charlie perfume. I believe I danced to an MC Hammer song. Oh yeah!

(by the way, I kept spelling “bee” as “beer”. Damn welsh!)



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One response to “Slow rugby news day …

  1. Rebecca

    I won the 8th grade Knights of Columbus spelling bee too! Thank you, old Catholic men, for the great childhood memories!

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