Online Petition to Ask ESPN to Broadcast Rugby

Thanks to Chris in Milwaukee and Jenna in New York for sending this to me. I already signed it and forwarded it on to my teams. Pass it on …

A petition was created that will be sent to both the ESPN and Fox Sports Programming Department to lobby for rugby coverage on ESPN’s basic cable ESPN/ESPN2 channels and Fox Sports. I find it inconceivable that a sport with as much tradition and excitement as rugby is not made available to the general public on basic cable. Many of us cannot afford the expensive premium channels that now broadcast rugby, so we’re hoping that the basic cable sports networks will give rugby the coverage it deserves to appease its hungry fan base. It’ll sure beat poker, paintball, and dog shows, which ESPN broadcasts regularly. Here is the link to the petition:

The full text of the petition can be read at the above link. It takes only twenty seconds to fill the petition out. I’m asking that this email and petition link be forwarded to as many people as possible to further this cause. My goal is to gather 100,000+ signatures. Thanks.

Dan Kaplan
Cleveland State RFC

More evidence of rugby’s grassroots movement online …



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