Ahhh … Wednesday!

I’m going back to work today. Yesterday’s day of rest was very good for me, but my decision to check out the social last night with our men’s team and the visiting Welsh men’s team was probably a poor choice. A fun and adventurous choice, but poor nonetheless. 😉

At one point, I had 60 Welsh rugby men following me down State Street here in downtown Madison. Always good. Hard to understand sometimes. But always good.

By the way, we have introduced the Welsh to the dangers of Jagerbombs. Europe may never be the same.

Tonight, the teams will play a few games and I believe all players will be suffering a bit from last night’s excursion. Thankfully, I do not have to play. Not that I had more than a beer or two anyway.

And my little cartoon Blondie finally has a rugby-like outfit. They added soccer outfit options for the World Cup. I finally have cleats! I hope they keep them.


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