The Need for a Business Plan and Taking Sides

Two interesting posts over at Gainline this week …

The most recent is a post with USA Rugby treasurer Tom Schmitt, who I know as a fellow rugby player, coach and administrator from here in Wisconsin. Kurt Oeler interviewed Tom on USA Rugby’s financial situation and the post also notes that Tom called out Kurt for saying that USA Rugby was “insolvent”. It seems like Tom was trying to clear up some confusion.

The second post is Kurt blogging in reaction to this month’s Rugby Magazine column by Buzz McClain, Eagles Need A Mean Streak. There’s some real bile flying back and forth in all of this. Read the comments on Gainline for this post too. People are choosing sides like this is black and white, not a very messy mush of various shades of gray as it really seems to be. At least to me anyway.

The words “pissing match” come to mind, don’t they?




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2 responses to “The Need for a Business Plan and Taking Sides

  1. Anonymous


    I have my definite opinions on the whole matter of the USARFU. I am inclined to see it more as black and white. How do you see it as a mush of grey? I am interested in your opinion, as you obviously read a great deal of rugby info.


  2. Blondie

    Dan –

    I think breaking down the mess (and promised reorganization/restructure) into two sides, or a black and white issue, is oversimplifying what’s happening to our country’s union. It’s not that simple. There were too many cooks in the kitchen and a lot of pointing of fingers in the past year. I don’t know the Ins and Outs of Doug Arnot, Bob Latham, Tom Billups, etc., but I do know that its going to take a lot of work to make the union better, which definitely needs to include greater communication from the Union to us, the paying everyday players.

    Without being an inside player, I just don’t see this as a wrong/right, black/white issue. I guess that is why I just keep trying to pass on any information I can on this. Give us all as much info as possible …

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