Sudafed-Induced Meanderings …

Yup, I am still sick.

And as I wrote someone earlier this morning, I am not sick enough that I couldn’t be at work, but am sick enough that I’m sitting in a daze wishing I was home watching the Price is Right instead.

These are the most annoying types of colds, aren’t they? I mean seriously, Virus. You’re doing a kind of half-assed job, aren’t you? Or are my white blood cells just completely kicking your ass? And the only reason you’re even making me sniffly is because I didn’t get enough sleep the past few days. Well, last night I got eight hours. Take that. I’ll be your Huckleberry.

So my mind is wandering this morning … something I’m not enjoying like I might normally. Thankfully, I have nothing to do this week that requires me to be more healthy. Ugh.

Yesterday afternoon was good though. I fought down my sickiness and had to go interview a very nice family for a project I’m working on for my job. The facility I work at does testing for newborn babies in our state and identifies if newborn babies could have one of 47 different genetic/metabolic disorders.

By screening these disorders right away in the first few days of life, you can help these babies grow up completely normal often times with just changes in diet, added medicines, etc. So I met a family with a little boy who had this disorder which was caught on just his third day of life. And if it hadn’t been caught, he would have been completely and irreparably undeveloped and probably spent his life as a special needs child/adult. But now he takes just one pill a day of a hormone he was missing when born and he’s completely fine. Isn’t that amazing? And the parents were just so thankful that our state has this testing that they didn’t even know about prior to their son’s birth.

It was just one of those days where you actually are amazed by life and how things work out. And thankful for small wonders. Like little boys with big smiles.


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