Rugby in the News

Various rugby and women’s rugby stories that have caught my eye lately …

Ready for Some Rugby – An article on two men helping start HS boys teams around Peoria, Illinois. Not so shabby coverage (considering it’s men’s rugby and they focus on the brute of it) and I enjoyed this quote …

“Oh, how cute,” one female spectator said at Saturday’s scrimmage. “He punched him in the face, then helped him up.”

This article was especially timely for me since I went and shot photos at one of our local HS boys’ matches last night. The two teams – Madison West and Middleton – were vying for the new WRC Cup (created by our men’s coach) and both teams were coached by alumni and current men’s players, in addition to a referee, touch judges, medics, and loads of fans from our teams here in Madison. It just was so evident of the community that rugby can become in an area.

Harvard Math Wiz Excels at Rugby – A piece on Harvard’s scrumhalf Emily Riehl who is excelling in math and rugby with plans to go to Cambridge to get her master’s degree and keep playing.

I’ll admit, with this story I was wondering if the writer’s angle was more “Wow! She’s a smart woman and player!” or “Wow! Did you know rugby players were smart enough to understand math?!” But then I figured I was thinking too much and it was a nice feature piece.

Soccer’s Loss is Rugby’s Gain – Opinion piece on how the Advantage rules in rugby give us an advantage over soccer. And I agree … I love the advantage laws in our games and that in our sport, you don’t stop playing until the whistle blows.

• An IRB piece on Fiji and England battling for the men’s 7s crown, but it offered one good paragraph …

Talking of which, the establishment of the new Women’s Rugby World Cup Sevens, to be run contemporaneously with the next men’s event in 2009, is a thrilling reflection of how the women’s Sevens game has ‘taken off’. Not a lot of people know that alongside the known strength of the women’s game in Europe, USA and New Zealand for instance, you will find it flourishing in Kazakhstan, Guam and Fiji – and a host of other nations. Great news.

Rugby is for Girls in South Jersey Too – An article found via USA Rugby’s newsletter and their Community News page. Not bad, focuses on the whole “we’re tough girls but still feminine” typical angle. And there is a quote where the coach mentions “blocking”, so I hope she isn’t coaching that because that could explain if this team is getting a lot of obstruction calls. 🙂

I actually wanted to post an article that they had about a high school girls’ player, Amber Coutermash, who’s playing on a boys’ HS team in Connecticut. It was an entertaining article where Amber talks about boys being surprised when she out-tackles them and her male coach considers her to be one of the top players on his team. But for some reason, the USA Rugby copy of the story is now missing and so are the online original versions. But, good for Amber, she was named to the U-19 Eagles team.



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  1. nurugger8

    I was a math major too!

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