Blondie, Mom, Dad and Two Computers …

I wrote this in an e-mail to my friend this morning … it recaps my night last night helping my parents (divorced, but living together again like roomies) with their computers.

And for clarity, saltwater aquariums and fish to my father are like rugby to me. And yes, my sister and I rent a house that is just across the street from my parents. It’s a great neighborhood right in the middle of Madison.

So, I have to tell you a funny story. Last night I walked across the street just to say hi to my parents and my mom asks me to help my dad set Yahoo as his home page on his new computer. This should take like 5 seconds, right? TWO HOURS LATER I finally got it all set (his antivirus software had to be disabled, then the page set, then re-enabled), helped him pick a nice desktop image (oooh! starfish under the ocean), a screensaver of goldfish swimming in an aquarium (he thinks the goldfish are dumb but likes the bubbles and plants), and then put all of these links up on his web browser bar so he isn’t always searching.

During this time, I also had to go in and help my mom on her computer to attach photos to an e-mail. It was a funny, generational two hours. I was sitting at my dad’s computer and he was sitting right behind me looking over my shoulder the whole time to see what I was doing and making comments.

Me: “So, Dad, remember that you don’t just want to surf the net and download anything, okay?”
My Dad: “Yeah, those assholes out there will ruin my computer.”
Me: “Ummm … yeah, you just have to be careful and your antivirus software should help. It helps keep track of what’s being downloaded.”
My Dad: “Who’s keeping track? I don’t want anybody keeping track.”
Me: “Well, no one is keeping track. The software installed on your computer will just know if something bad is trying to download.”
My Dad: “So, somebody is looking in on my computer?”
Me: “No, Dad, no one is looking in on your computer. It’s not like Big Brother or something trying to keep track of you visiting aquarium stores online.”

I gave him very strict rules. If he’s not sure, ask my mom. If she doesn’t know, ask me. 🙂

I just wanted to write this down and share it for posterity. It was just one of those times where you are able to help your parents. And it was pretty funny too.


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    Made me Laugh out Loud – thanks!

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