Rugby Magazine Updates

The new edition is online … I have yet to see the printed edition (and I hope this isn’t the month my subscription runs out b/c I totally have been ignoring those notices in the mail …)

• Stanford and Eagle back Olivia Anglade’s on the cover. Isn’t that the 2nd year in a row?

• Team Photos of the Women’s Collegiate Champs – Stanford and UC-Santa Cruz (Again … I just like to say Go Slugs! because banana slugs are funny)

• A recap of Brown University’s tour to Uganda by Kerrissa “Keri” Heffernan, Brown’s coach, and a former Eagle.

Our first impression was the tropical heat.

We stood on the tarmac of the Enteppe airport and began peeling off our Brown Women’s Rugby jackets. We had arrived in Uganda after 18 hours of travel for a 13-day rugby immersion.

The Brown contingent, the first western team invited in to east Africa, included 32 undergraduates, five alums, two coaches and a team doctor. The trip came about through an academic initiative – our captain, Jennifer Hustwitt, had been in Uganda the summer before doing research and had stumbled upon the Thunderbirds, the Uganda women’s team associated with the Kyandondo Rugby Club.

Jenn returned to Brown with an invitation to play in Uganda and the drive to get her teammates there. The players had spent five months fund raising and addressing the challenges that travel of this magnitude presented.

After months of preparation, we were finally in Uganda and it was blistering hot.

Rugby Magazine Editor Ed Hagerty’s take on Sponsorship & Performance. And since Hagerty’s talking about Kurt Oeler being USA Rugby’s former CEO Doug Arnot’s “most vocal critic”, here’s Oeler’s latest post, High performance grant converted to Eagle funding.

Also, the magazine listed its Table of Contents online this month for some reason, showing that the print edition has an article entitled “Women’s Rugby: Post College Attrition”. I’ll have to take a gander at that one.

And sorry, I started this post this morning and am just now getting back to it nearly six hours later. Busy, busy, busy day and week. Thankfully tomorrow is Saturday … and Saturday’s A Rugby Day.




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2 responses to “Rugby Magazine Updates

  1. mutantin

    the uganda tour of the brown women is the most interesting thing i heard of in a long time. reading the article left me deeply moved.
    another interesting thing i found on the web is the project “ecole de rugby, ecole de la vie” in madagaskar.
    (unfortunately it’s in german).
    the project was funded by the french embassy, but now the person in charge left and they have to get by with the little they have. the organisation “hilfe fuer afrika” tries to support them, so that the players (homeless kids) can be fed after training.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m subscribed to Rugby Mag too, and I haven’t received the printed version yet. I guess it should be coming any day now.


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