Rugby Bits & Bites

• USA Rugby is looking for clubs to host more coaching workshops and updating us on the hard work being done with the High School and Youth initiatives (What up KT!). Sounds promising.

• Oh yeah, and that NA4 stuff starts this weekend. Falcons, Hawks and Eagles Oh My!

• Speaking of that, Canada supposedly has no idea how to scout the Americans. And only seems concerned about the foreign-experienced players on our team.

• China knocked off champs Kazakhstan to win the Asian 7s last weekend.

• And in the biggest news of all, non-rugby related, Marissa was killed in a car accident on the OC last night. What are Ryan, Seth and Summer going to do?! I think it’s my fault since I stopped watching it in season 2.

• Oh and I almost forgot. I would like to formally announce that the new guy I am spending time with is not attractive to me only because he happens to share similar interests and skill sets to Pinkie. Kel – You and Tim are not the same person! Love of Angel Food Cake and Discussions of Bodily Functions Be Damned!!



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