Leading Up to the Last Game …

Today is my team’s last day of 15s practice for the next few months. Our last 15s game of the spring is on Saturday versus Detroit at home.

I love my team, but I am definitely looking forward to being done.

At least for a week or so before we start summer rugby.

But summer rugby is a different animal. And even though it’s still rugby, it’s just different. The weather is warmer, the practices (just co-ed pick-up touch games) are competitive and fun and inevitably full of lots of smack talk. The tournaments are all-day affairs with lots of short, fast games. The beginning of each season – spring, summer, fall – is always my favorite at that moment because you’re eager to get started, but then glad a bit when it comes to an end. And then starts back up of course …

Tuesday was a tougher practice. We’re working on our team’s aggressiveness. It’s just not easy to teach someone to be less hesitant and be more assertive in their play. They have to figure out themselves how to “unleash the beast”. That’s what I call it anyway. When you stop standing around worrying and twiddling your thumbs and just unleash and play. No regrets, just play.

Also at the end of practice Tuesday, our new coach tells me he wants me to find us a scrumhalf by Saturday. That’s how he said it to, very seriously, “So, you need to find me a scrumhalf by Saturday.”

To which I responded, sure, I’ll just make one out of clay for you or pull this extra one out of my pocket. Voila!

I’ll admit, at first, I thought he was saying this to me because I must’ve sucked really bad in the last game. But he didn’t even see that game and my captain’s only feedback so far was to try to take the ball a bit more on my own, rather than always trying to give it to the backs. (Damn backs, always want the ball!) But then I realized, our coach was really trying to tell me to find someone who could be scrumhalf so I could focus on what I do better and play out in the backline or help our forwards in the loose play. So, my moment of rejection passed swiftly. But that still doesn’t give us a scrumhalf for Saturday.

For the first time in a few years, we have too many forwards and not enough backs. But enough players to play the game, if that makes sense. So he has two choices for a scrumhalf, someone like me, that can play the game overall, and do okay at scrumhalf, or someone who might be better suited to being a “scrumhalf”, but would likely be less-rugby minded right now. We’ll see what happens I guess.

Last night, my mother, sister and I also went to go buy new cell phones. My mom’s was stolen the other day and she “knows exactly who did it, the little bastard” but it’s gone, vanished into the hallways and lockers of the large high school where she teaches. And all of our phones are a bit outdated (if two years is outdated), so we just figured why not?

The three of us and my older brother have a shared plan (we are crazy close), so it took over two hours to pick the new phones, figure out all the rebates and costs, try to make the saleslady realize we didn’t need their newfangled internet stuff, only to find out that was the only way we could get the less expensive sale, and then transfer all of our phone numbers.

So my new phone has a camera. And it lets you take photos to include with the number in the address book. This could be troublesome. I also want to figure out how to take a picture and put it on the blog. I would take a picture every day with it, once I figure it out. My Saturday’s A Rugby Day fleeting moment picture of the day. So far, all I have done is take goofy pictures of myself though. I am what they like to call very sophisticated. I don’t know if all of you realize this …

Anyway, work the past two days has been crazy. A lot of work with the media and interviews, and now the phone just rang again with a whole different media request, so back to work …



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