I just want to put this out there …

There were extra bagels and cream cheese this morning after a meeting here at my work. At first, I thought to myself, All right. Bagels.

And the extras were placed near my office space. Sweet! But then I inadvertantly became the Keeper of the Bagels. And I have now had to answer questions like:

“Are these the only flavors?”

“Is it okay if I just take half?”

“Should I put this back if I just buttered it by accident?”

While all of these rediculous questions are being asked, the various Bagel-takers have proceeded to touch and sniff and rip apart all of the bagels. Like a pack of hyenas emerging from all directions just leaving just some boring chunks.

I have lost all appetite for a free bagel now. Humanity, you have ruined my hopes for a yummy bagel this morning. Damn you.

(Upside to this, the little bagel girl cartoon i found is kind of cool.)


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