Rugby Bits & Bites – YIPPEE!! IT’S FRIDAY!

Tomorrow is of course Saturday. And Saturday is a rugby day. Albeit a rugby day full of driving to Minnesota, playing 1-2 games, third-halfing (aka socializing for all you crazies that call it by another name*), and then coming home again … but still a rugby day. What do those bumper stickers say? A bad rugby day is better than any good something else day … work day? Yeah, you get what I’m saying.

* This made me think of the Shakespeare line about a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Which then made me think Roses by Outkast. Which I am now singing in my head … and yes, if you have figured it out yet, I have leanings to rhythmically fantabulous music that comes to us from Hotlanta.

Anyway, as I sit here drinking my caffeinated beverage of choice (Calling Diet Mt. Dew – Sponsor Me Please!) and eating some rice chex-like cereal, I present to you dear readers … the news for this Friday! (drumroll please!)

• USA Rugby is looking for new board members and they need to be super and spiffy. Is it in you? Check it out here.

5-11-2006 – Creating A New Board…Directors Wanted
PDF VERSION: CREATING A NEW BOARD- Seeking Unique Individuals To Lead Rugby In The U.S.
Rugby Union is a major international sport and is growing worldwide. USA Rugby, the National Governing Body for Rugby in the United States is entering a new and exciting era. The game is growing at all levels in the U.S. and professional rugby is commencing in North America, supported by the International Rugby Board and other investors. USA Rugby has a new strategic plan, which aims to make Rugby – The Best Experience in American Sport (Word Doc). A new Board of Directors will be appointed in July 2006 to lead USA Rugby achieve its vision.

USA Rugby is conducting a search, nationally and internationally for six independent directors to serve on its nine member Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for determining the strategic direction of USA Rugby and for assisting in developing the resources, contacts, and partnerships that will facilitate reaching the strategic objectives. The board will also work with the CEO in overseeing the implementation of Strategic Plans and annual operating plans of the organization. Candidates should have an intense interest in sport. They should be persons of considerable personal achievement. Each should bring to USA Rugby knowledge, experience, and personal networks in any of several key areas, including but not limited to media, sports / event sponsorship, sports promotion, finance, law, collegiate and or professional sports leagues.

The Board of USA Rugby will encompass a range of skills and knowledge in order to act as an effective body. The Board will include skills or knowledge in the following areas:
* American and International sport
* Professional sport and rugby in particular
* Commercial, sponsorship and broadcasting
* Sports marketing and events
* Raising and managing finance for sporting organizations
* Legal affairs
* Managing and developing volunteer networks
* Education and sport
* Experience and expertise of leading and growing organizations
* Access to sporting, political, business, social, education, international and other relevant networks and contacts which can assist USA Rugby in reaching new levels

For further information, or if you are interested in becoming Board member and believe you have the necessary skills, commitment and can make a real contribution to USA Rugby, please submit your resume to: FRANK MERRILL, Chairman of the USA Rugby Board Nominations Committee by 20 May 2006.

* The Board will be accountable to the membership of USA Rugby through the USA Rugby Congress.

Term of office:
* The term of office will be up to four years. Three members will serve a two-year term in the first phase and will be eligible for a second term.
* Up to the equivalent of eight days per year (four meetings per year). The precise nature of the commitment (e.g. number and timing of meetings, establishment of sub-committees) will be decided by the Board.

Functions Of Board Members
* Develop and review and contribute actively to the strategic direction of USA Rugby, setting overall policy, defining goals and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
* Appoint and monitor the performance of the Chief Executive Officer
* Ensure that proper financial planning, management and control procedures are in place and to be informed of actual and projected financial performance in order to make appropriate decisions involving the financial resources of USA Rugby.
* Ensure that USA Rugby complies with its Constitution, By-laws and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
* Approve the Business Plan and operational programs, which prioritize activities within available resources in line with user and funder requirements.
* Ensure that appropriate professional advice is secured through the Chief Executive Officer and staff of USA Rugby and/or external advice where necessary.
* Represent USA Rugby and its members with other stakeholders, international, national and relevant agencies and other emerging networks.
* Be willing to accept the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of a Director.
* Have the ability to work effectively as part of a team and to take responsibility for the corporate decision-making process; to accept corporate responsibility and to maintain confidentiality.
* Be ready to offer personal and professional skills and experience to support USA Rugby
* Be willing to work within the key principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

* The Directors will review their own performance, individually and collectively, on an annual basis.
* Directors must avoid conflicts of interest, and declare any interest in matters under discussion. Directors are expected to maintain independence and objectivity in their role.

• There’s a time change in the tape-delayed broadcasts by College Sports Television (CSTV) of last weekend’s collegiate championships.

5-11-2006 – College Championships CSTV Broadcast Change
College Sports Television (CSTV) has announced broadcast time changes of the USA Rugby Division I Men’s and Women’s College Championships to air this Sunday, May 14.

The Division I women’s championship played between Stanford and Penn State, and highlights of the Division II championship between UC-Santa Cruz and Plymouth State will air from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ET, while the Division I men’s championship between Cal and BYU, and highlights of the Division II Men’s title game between Northern Colorado and Coast Guard will air from 6-8 p.m. eastern.

I was just checking CSTV for more info though and here’s the Sunday schedule … which lists the women’s games starting at 10:30 PM not AM … so not sure what’s up, but if you have CSTV, it’s still worth recording in some fashion. I’ll have to see if my cable even carries this channel. Questionable.

• Some additional coverage for UC-Santa Cruz (The Banana Slugs!!) and the D-II national championship here.

Sophomore hooker Karrie Kubo finished the game with a puffy eye and ice on her forehead.

“Every Mother’s Day I have to scare my mom somehow,” Kubo said. “At least this time we have a national championship.”



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