It was a dark and stormy night … I mean practice

Watching the Weather Channel this week, you would see a large green mess over the entire Midwest. It has been rainy, rainy, rainy. Which is good for the Earth, but not so good for practice last night.

Plus, despite the calendar clearly reading second week of May, it was 40-some degrees and was turning sleety and snowy last night. Goodbye spring flowers. You were beautiful for a little bit.

But we still had practice, ran around, got completely chilled-to-the-bone soaked and worked on our defense for our game on Saturday. I am again slotted to play scrumhalf, but until the kickoff whistle blows and I’m wearing No. 9, well, let’s just say, I’m ready to play any position I’m needed in.

We all warmed up for a bit at the nearby bar (yum, cheese curds!) and Pinkie, Tonya, Goose and I had a discussion about how cool it would be to clone ourselves to make a rugby team so we were never short of players. To which Pinkie told us that one of her former coaches said he would like an entire team of Pinkies. Tonya and I laughed out loud at this, imagining both having to play an entire team of Pinkies and then later partying with an entire team of Pinkies. I said the partying could be scary, but Tonya reminded me that it would be crazy for a little bit until all the Pinkies lost each other. 🙂 She does tend to wander …

I wouldn’t mind a clone or two of myself, because for once I would get someone who truly understands my hair issues and we could tell each other when our hair is getting messed up in the rucks and mauls. Seriously … it’s an issue for me.

I got home later and our power was out, but I was freezing, so I had to take a hot bath by candle light. And then my sister and I attempted to make dinner. She made BLTs and I opted for something much easier in the dark … chips ahoy cookies and milk. And then her extra bacon. It was a delicious dinner, especially considering freezing my butt off in the rain earlier. I was zonked out before 10 p.m.

So, today is work, a fun dinner with my mom and sister for some barbecue (inside, not in the rain), washing all my rugby gear that’s drying on my bedroom floor for tomorrow, and sleep. Tomorrow will be a fun, but long day. Hopefully full of wins.



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