Supporting Your Team, Supporting Each Other

A few thoughts spring to mind looking back at the posts from the past few days … lots of teams staying busy, playing fabulous rugby, winning national titles, busting their asses to play at higher levels and trying to build a team for the World Cup.

Just think about it … it’s all layers upon layers. You can’t get to the top if you don’t start at the bottom. But the top wouldn’t exist if the bottom wasn’t strong and supportive. Think Great Pyramids of Egypt lasting for all millenia strong.

And think some more … THE World Cup. Not the American Cup. Not the just-countries-that-speak-english-Cup … THE WHOLE WORLD CUP. And the World’s a big place. If you don’t realize this, well, try to get out a little bit more, okay?

A little history lesson for all of you about American Women in the World Cup. Let’s just say, we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. The men’s team can’t even compete (well, except for those Olympic gold medals back in the 1920s, but I digress).

This fall’s Women’s Rugby World Cup in Canada will be the third official Women’s Rugby World Cup (1998, 2002 and 2006) and the fifth World Cup competition for women unofficially (1991, 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006). You can see all the WRWC results here (PDF).

And also in case you didn’t know, the Americans WON the first World Cup in 1991 in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Yup, we won it. Unofficial tournament or not, we still won it. We beat England 19-6 for the Cup in their home territory, after beating New Zealand 7-0 to advance to the final. Read it again – the Americans beat England and New Zealand. If the men did the same thing, there would be anarchy.

In future years, we would finish second twice. In 1994, we fell to England 38-23, and in 1998, we would lose 44-12 to the New Zealand Black Ferns. Most recently, we finished 7th overall after defeating the Netherlands 87-0, France 30-0, falling to Australia 17-5 and then knocking down Spain 23-5 to finish in the top eight.

To put this into greater clarity for you, remember this isn’t just a weekend tourney either. The World Cup is the world’s top 16 women’s rugby teams. The best of the best of the best. It doesn’t get much more awesome than this kids.

A friend of mine that works at USA Rugby asked me to spread the word about helping the Women’s National Team fundraise and I did that yesterday here. And if you want to help out, you can buy a bracelet, you can donate money yourself or if you’re poor like me, you can buy the bracelet and then print out the PDF fundraising brochure and spread the word to people who have more money and might help … maybe your company, businesses that are looking for corporate sponsorships, your whole team, some rich dude at the bar. Wherever.

On any given day, we can be opponents, maybe even rivals. But on other days, we are all teammates. And what goes around, comes around. Help support women’s rugby from the bottom up. And then when the Eagles take the field at the World Cup in Edmonton this fall, you can take pride that you helped your teammates get there.

And by the way, has a few pics posted from Minnesota here. You can even see Goose in one of them. 🙂



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  1. Fundraiser

    How do you fundraise for the US Women’s Rugby team? I imagine this is a major problem once you are on the world stage that means there is a lot more traveling and a lot more cost.

    I’m developing a simplified version of fantasy sports that can be used as a fundraiser for a team that could be of interest. Not to mention it could generate more interest in your team and sport.

    I love watching rugby. I never understand why ESPN shows baseball on its channels when they could be showing rugby instead.

    Fundraising Idea Website

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