It’s good to share …

Just two things I’m enjoying lately …

• A blogger here in Madison, Nina, who’s a law prof at the UW. Her blog, The Other Side of the Ocean, and Althouse – another UW law prof – helped inspire me to start Saturday’s A Rugby Day … not that any of us are much alike. But Nina is in Sicily right now. She always blogs about good things and takes beautiful pictures, especially of food. And you know how I love food. So she’s blogging about her travel through Sicily … and I am Sicilian on my mother’s side, so it seems an especially beautiful place to visit.

• Last night as I was falling asleep, I watched The Colbert Report. And laughed my ass off. Seriously, watch it. And then you can do the Eagle scream like Pinkie and I.


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One response to “It’s good to share …

  1. mutantin

    if you love food, you might like my food blog:
    (it’s mostly in german, though)
    and i have some food pics on flickr:

    (food and rugby, seems like i’m a bit narrow minded, but hey: i’m a prop, what elso could be of interest for me?)

    like they say:
    If your Prop is Hungry, get her food.
    If your Prop is Thirsty, get her Beer.
    Because if your Prop isn’t happy, then she won’t play, and if she doesn’t play… you gotta play Prop… and YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY PROP!

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